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Women power all the way...

Women are the catalysts in bringing forth a generation and mankind at large. The pain they go through the 9 months of pregnancy can never be repaid back by the son or a daughter.

From time immemorial, women have played a substantial role in a ny sphere of the society. India is an ancient civilisation and it dates back to the Indus  valley and even before that the unrecorded ages.

Before there was an Empress in any European country, Delhi had a woman Empress in the form of Razia Sultan, later there was Chand Biwi who had fought so valiantly against the forces of Emperor Akbar that the ruler had given her a complimentary victory, only to be later murdered by her own nobles.

The Rani of Jhansi and the Begum Hazrath Mahal of Awadh also requires no introduction.

The Mythology of the Hindus is full of depiction of women Power in the form of goddess Kali as the symbol of destruction and so on.

It is natural that in the same land some talk should be raised for emancipation of the fairer sex in terms of social, economic and political equality.

Thought there is a lot of discussions and talks going on in govenment level for Gender eqality and empowerment of women but we students can make use of the micro level or small platforms we get to raise consciouness about such contemporary issues.

For this i would present in front of you all the report on the World Around session held at NISCORT on the same topic.

Here is the report.

Empowerment is a word which means to power. " we have to keep in mind that energy does not go up nor does it decrease."

There are three major essentials in this regard:

1) Access and control over resources

2) Have access to money

Going further that will result in : Economic priority which will result in Decision making, Moulding the society etc. 

The Speaker Mr. George Kunnath said that a total of 1 million female foeticide takes place in India. The mindset of the public is that they are a economic burden, that the women folk need safety and support.

The forward looking force coming into play here will be stopping thses single minded inclination and at the same time raising the progressive voice.

Education wise there is  76% of the male population which is literate while the female population goes to 54%

The Early marriage factors in the country is because of the low slf esteem of the womenfolk themselves coupled with low motivation. 

The progressive measures in this regard would be Right to knowledge, Education about Poverty allevation programmes.

The statistics of the poverty stricken population reveal that1/ 3rd of world poverty is in India.

Records say that 1 million female foetuses are destroyed in India. Surveys reveak that there are less than 500 female population in South Delhi with regard to 1000 male population.

He stated that there is the constant game of power and control which is ensuing and that in context of the data and statistics reveal that there are cases of abuse, blame and torture.

The following is again facts and figures on the crime on Women in India:

1) Molestation cases went down slightly in 2005 because of the formulation of the Domestic Violence Act in 19991 as a result of which 300 cases were registered by the poilce. In 2001 it doubled.

2) The rape cases as per the records of the National Crime Bureau went up by 20% while in 2005 it decreased.

3) The year 2005 saw 9000sexual harassment cases and 5,167 Dowry related deaths to the rate of touching the parameters of an uncivilised society.The statistics and cases of hate towards women by the Husband his relatives went up from 15 to 16,ooo to 58000.

2006 saw 19000 to 32000 rape cases.

In the midst of such crisis and despair what can media's role be?

Well, it can touch the conscience of the urban elite by getting coverage on women related issues.

It can also build the approach or outlook needed for capacity building and promotion of social, economic and political participation.

The year 1992 saw the PRI act being implemented in the form of women representatives.

The speaker said that the concept of Sharpanj Pati took over which means that the women head are influenced by her husband.

There can also be promotion of women in decision making process. Also, a finite relationship should be adavanced with regard to empowerment.

The silver lining amidst all this was that Domestic violence got highlighted because of the media glare while social mobilisation can be achieved through sensitisation

There are four major components in this regard:

a) Ability to negotiate

b) to advise

c) Economically empower womenfolk

d) End result , socially and politically being empowered.

All said and done Media can potently do so by creating an environment for such a revolution to take place.

The truth is that till date 31% of Women work force has been updated

So lets create an equal society withot any gender bias and look into a new horizon....

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