Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Lady with the unconventional looks...

Pics: Different scans of Model turned actress, Katrina Kaif who is the leading Bollywood lady now.

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How is life?

Beauty, Glamour and Panache are the elements of urban lifestyle given a certain status quo by the media's shift in covering Page 3 celebrity related events, shopping malls, designerwear targetting the middle class consumers ( in India's case) and differing according to the economic distribution of different nations the worldover.

There are some women( recognised faces internationally) who with their unconventional looks and features and also along with their success especially in the glamour bussiness tend to create a ceratin image for themselves, thanks to media which accords the staus quo to them which includes the hype, PR excercises etc.

The Indian film industry has witnessed many beautiful and elegant faces. Beaty has been defined and redefined. Madhubala was a ageless and evergreen beauty who has grown into a legend. Nargis' sharp features added to her timeless appeal. Meena Kumari's grace and acting had made her a household name. 

Then came along the flurry of modern leading ladies in the celluloid as well as the modelling industry who gave beauty and style an added dimension with their somewhat tomboyish ( i am not being generalised !) , open body language and also in the process defining modernity not only in attire but thought process too making the girl next door emulate them consciously and subconsciously.

India's tryst with Models going on to films is not new. Persis Khambata who made a sudden appearance as the alien queen in a Star Trek franchise had earned critical acclaim.  

Sangeeta Bijlani, wife of cricketer Mohd. Azharuddin was a Miss India winner before joining movies. Even the Polish( Poland) and Bengali origin model, Lisa Ray( God Bless her as she has been detected with cancer) known for her unconventional looks was an acclaimed model before she turned over to movies. 

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