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Of obsessive love and other emotions...

Hey Folks,

What's on ?

flight diary !

Hello folks,

What's on ?

Rise and shine!!

Travel is an interesting proposition for adventurous people as well as people bored by the tediousness and monotony of life.

We, humans, considered the supreme creations of the Almighty elicit various diverse emotions: positive, negative or sometimes with our limited intelligence try to present a self image by being pretentious and trying to fake a personality which we are not !

India is a big country as far as its size is considered. Proverbially, it stretches from the valley of Kashmir at the tip of the country's territory to Kanyakumari.

I choose my native place Guwahati after the week long examinations which would be the push for us to enter the second year of our Masters course.

I boarded the spicejet services which has a halting at Baghdogra after the passengers headed for Guwahati get down at their destination.

The craft at the runaway of the 1-D runaway of the Indira Gandhi International airport (IGI) was quite spacious in its interiors.

As Delhi doesn't belong at present to people of a certain culture or place of India, one could see faces having different genetic features.

There were Mongoloid people from North East India, Punjabi joint families with stereotypical physical features and complexion reminiscent of the Dairy products they savour !

Generalisations not intended, there were plain dwelling Assamese people devoid of our Mongoloid brothers and sisters facial features.

The dress code of the Airhostesses comprise of pristine White half shirts with near perfect cut and fit which had the corporation's ( Spicejet's) dotted patterns running across most probably on th e right hand side of the outfit.

These were complemented with Bloody red colour Mini-skirts with black stockings for legs. There were three Airhostesses until later a fourth joined them.

They were all around the aircraft looking after the needs of passengers with different behavioural traits , the constant smile and pleasant behaviour always being the highlight.

One of the ladies caught my attention. This might be because of her natural looks, She had her hair tied in a pig-tail fashion, ala women's tennis star, Anna Kournikova !

A little detail of her features, she had a baby face with healthy rounded cheeks, fair complexion and light brown eyes.

I took the window seat of the right hand row of seats. Surprisingly, she sat at the space parallel to my seat which had a black foldable seat for her with its own custom - made fastening belt.

This lady with these cute features was pulling her skirt while being seated at the place. Many a times my eyes met her as she was attractive and i couldn't help laughing at the situation, i gave her a comforting smile !

Then I took out my pocket diary and started jotting notes on behaviour of passengers i observed.

I remember one of the Assamese passengers mention her as Miss Pushpinder, which is a Punjabi name.

The Plane landed at exactly 2 am while also being stationed at the runway for the Baghdogra travellers. I got out and ncountered the Airhostess being talked about, saying excuse me Ma'm, i made my exit.

Shakur Mama, my Pathan Uncle came at the airport to recieve me along with his domestic help and this is the end of my little travel.

Thank You Folks for reading

Be Happy and Positive.

Light and sonshine rules...


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