Tuesday, October 6, 2009

aspirations in a canvas...

Pics: closeups of the aspiring artist, Birender Nath alongwith his sketches at Dilli Haat.

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The Human mind is amazing. We ourselves aren't aware of its potency.

The great deeds of Greek and Roman warriors, artists, scientists, amathematicians, musicians, philosophers, atheletes have stood the test of time and have proved innate capacities of the grey cells coupled with physical efforts.

The man mentioned here is no great person in history but  is a contemporary individual with an  ability to dream big.

One will come across Birender Nath, 40 as a simple man trying hard to earn his daily bread by way of pencil sketches and charicatures displayed at the famed Dilli Haat.

He has a disarming smile that infuses positivity in anyone who talks with him. his grit, determination and mental approach of becoming a big name in the world of arts and paintings can be seen in the eyes.

His talk is constant in the affirmative.

Chatting with him one can't help but is reminded of the protagonist Santiego of Ernest Hemmingway's novel " the old man and the sea."

He sees his vocation at the venue as a pencil portrait artist but says that he is looking for a Godfather to back him in his future ventures.

Flipping through the big notebook kept at the corner of his display that has samples of his drawings and paintings, one chances upon a cartoon showing a commercial street square.

I ask him does he draw for the newspapers to which he replied "It was a special contract for some company."

Cartoons in newspaper inevitably brings to the mind one man in India, R.K. Laxman. I ask him does he takes inspiration from him to which he replies that, "Mr. Laxman has his own niche and fan following but he doesn't want to limit himself to being a cartoonist."

He seemed to have done a good deal of background study on another modern art great, MF Hussain.

He says, " Whenever one will come across Mr. Hussain's works, he'll get to see the predominance of horse." He is fascinated by the creature, Birender informs.

He says that his icon is Mr. Hussain from whom he draws inspiration yet qualifies himself as a landscape artist and tries to justify it by saying that we humans have a deep connection with Mother Nature and laments that the present day din and bustle have somewhat broken that bond.

Commenting on his family status he informs that he has two daughters and a son. He hails from Faridabad district.

This man is still confident of holding a couple of exhibitions of his works that will lend him a platform and help him realise his dreams.

The bottomline: " Nothing is impossible."

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