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VIP security and media hype

Pics: Mr Rajivranjan speaking to students at the media institute, NISCORT.

Security is a quintessential element of human life. The kings and rulers of the past had guards around them. The model administration of Greek city states had them.

The Holy Roman Empire, one of the powerful empire nations in the world had them in their setups.

Indian princes and rulers of the different ages, dynasties also employed them in South Asia. 

Presently, the Pope of the Vatican City also has an army known as the Swiss guards.

Human life is dear to oneself and in order to protect it, individuals in history have gone to any extent possible.

Mr. Rajivranjan, an adviser to the PM's security had presided over the 92nd World around programme at Niscort which revolved on the theme: VIP security and media hype.

To enlighten a little about him, he was also the security adviser during K R Narayanan's term.

Niscort/ Ghaziabad: Mr. Rajivranjan speaking to the large audience of students stated that one needs to know the definition of VIP and VVIP.

The former stands for the government functionaries and ministers, secretaries, ministry of home affairs falls in this category, he informed.

He said that the internal security scenario in our country is not a secret citing the 26/11 attacks on Mumbai and recent Kashmir encounter  involving insurgents and the security forces.

A little less than 400 people is the number approximately whose security is approved by the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Speaking of the types of security accorded he said the z+ security is the highest kind of security arrangement, while 9 persons are there in z security. 

It comprises of the front car which is termed as the Pilot, he informed. 30 people are there in the z+ security arrangement, while the personnel behind the front car are termed as the tail car, he added.

The arrangement coming after the z+ category is the z arrangement, this naturally connotes that the threat is less to the persons protected under such an arrangement, he told speaking to the audience.

Mr Rajiv informed that the Y category comprises of one Pilot and one escort vehicle. Added to these, the PSO's travelling out of Delhi or neighbouring states for that matter will provide senior officials rest of the security, he said.

The term Positional security stands for the x category of security arrangement, Mr. Rajiv added.

He opined that it is generally the trend that protection is flaunted to bolster political image and mileage by the politicians.

Besides the security arrangement provided to political leaders and Government officials, it also encompasses Disaster Management planning and strategy.

The security scenario in India as regards the according of protection for VIPs is concerned is undergoing a sea change for the government mindset seems to be changing with studies, committees for reforms coming up with a goal so as to setup a separate force for the VIPs.  

The result is that politicians now will soon be required to pay for their security personnel as figured out in Union Territories like Delhi, he informed.

There are exceptions to this rule as the administration itself has set some parameters in this regard which include threats to the concerned people by Naxalites, Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLK) and other insurgent outfits.

The media hype on security issues: external as well as internal is also to be found.

Answering to one of the questions posed by a student which compared the security situation in the civilian level in India as well as the United States, Mr. Rajivranjan stated: that street crime is to be found in New York city.

Conforming to this question he cited facts and informed the students that the New York city commissioner tried his hand on the petty criminals to bring down the crime graph.

He said that one needs to distinguish the different crimes committed and their essence. This way analysed there are crimes for greed, need and passion.

He also cited the latest development in the Aarushi Murder case ( Noida, New Delhi)  of the finding of the SIM card from her domestic help's relative. He said that India's forensic Science infrastructure should be revamped so as to meet the standards of the yardstick set by the U.S. in controlling crime as for instance in New York city which boasts of advanced technology and know-how. 

The Delhi Police is a unit of 70% strong force. In it there comprises 68% jawans ( Foot- Soldiers, cops required for assault and assistance) and 2% commissioner level rank officers.

He also cited the silver lining as regards furnishing of resources was concerned to the Indian security forces by the administration. This he said was brought about by the 6th Pay Commission as regards the payment of salaries.

This was also one of the reasons for youths not joining the security forces in the country.

Bringing about a parallel in the security force recruitment as seen in India as well as the U.S., he referred to the Mandatory Conscription policy of the government in the states which calls for the youth of the nation to undergo military oriented training.

End of the report.

So folks, security is a big issue of the contemporary world. This we need for self defence, sustenance and maintaining order.

Hey folk, what  is your take on this issue? Let me know...

Till then...

Be Safe and be happy


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