Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Celluloid offerings from Russia... Day1

Pics: Scenes and posters from the Russian movie Kislorod .

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Russia is a fascinating country. This nation has strange ties with Asia and because of the border it shares with the Asian continent, Geography brands it as Eurasia i.e., Europe and Asia.

Before its breakdown from USSR, it comprised of the Central Asian countries of Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and  many more such states.

It is a fact that Russia has close ties with India and that encompasses the cultural field too.

Indian movies are loved in the nation and actors especially Raj kapoor is admired by the public there. Speaking of Raj Kapoor, i am reminded of his classic " Mera Naam  Joker " wherein he used Russian artists.

The fusion of culture and art took place when the 5 - day long Russian film Festival took place at New Delhi, India. The first two movies were screened at some other venue but three movies will be screened at the Russian Science and  culture Centre at Ferozeshah road.

Unfortunately, i missed the first two screenings of the event due to some other works at hand but made it to yesterday's screening of the production titled " Kislorod."

Kislorod is a Russian term denoting oxygen. Oxygen as we all know stands for life. It is the harbinger of the gift all humans enjoy... Life.

The movie is roughly a 1 hour production directed by Ivan Vyrypayev. 

Though i have never before got the opportunity to watch Russian movies, this was my first.

The movie story wise is a narration of the vices and the negative energies that flow in each human being. 

These can be said to be the seven sins as told in Christianity and other faiths according to their own culture and context.

The constant affirmation in the story is that kislorod i.e., oxygen drives everything.

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