Saturday, October 10, 2009

The many ways of chronicling...

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They say whatever is in the printed form is permanent, there to stay... from time immemorial man has been chronicling his history, adavancement etc.

The atmosphere, the needs and the demands of different ages have fuelled his thirst for progress.

Today, i will present in front of you all a report on the World Around program held here at NISCORT dealing with the topic Print Publishing and Cyber competition in India.

Niscort/Ghaziabad, Oct 9: The 93rd World Around Programme had Mr. Sukumar Das, leading NBBA exporter and publisher talking to students here at Niscort on the theme Print Publishing and cyber competition in India. 

The session was  for sure a lively one with Mr. Das informing students on the background, facts, figures and current position of publishing in India.

He nostalgised by going down memory lane and stating " for the publishing bussiness, one needs to have the knack for travelling and the ability of being creative." This he said were the traits he had it in him when he was a novice.

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