Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Trip with Fr.Dejus!

Hello and a good day to everybody,

How has the weekend been?

For me it has been mixed with me having to last minute textbook scanning for our 3 hours exam that will run for 5 days!

Today, I thought why not share wit my folks a little travel experience. This is a little note which depicts the trip we had with Father Dejus, Niscort's system analyst.

One lazy Sunday afternoon as me and Father Raj of Audio Visual Communications, Anand from broadcast journalism and Brother Gervasius from the same course as Annand's sat in the parlour of our hostel block, Father dejus threw in front of us the proposal of a trip to Gurgaon.

We happily obliged!

Let me elaborate a little about Fr. Dejus. He is a Tamil. He has obtained degree in electrnic communications from London. Literally said, he ca be considered to be a person of living life on the fast lane. He loves fusion music with predominating bass strains.Loves A.R. Rahman's compositions. Listens to the unbeatable classics BonnyM for instance.Is very energetic, punctual and humourously sarcastic in his conversations.

In my view, he has a certain aura like shahrukh Khan who wants to be second to none!

He always is positive, laughing his heart out in his conversations, especially with his tongue in cheek humour.

So much for introductions.

All of us rushed to our rooms to dress up. But, alas Anand was left behind as he tried to take a bath in that tight time-frame!

Father Dejus had an appointment with a dentist based in Gurgaon. We took the flyover leading to this area of M.N.C's and Multiplexes. Fr. hit the accelerator hard and was soon zapping past the other vehicles. Our's was a Hyundai Santro. Whenever, Fr. saw another santro going at avery slow pace, he would refer to that driver as 'monkey'! This was so for, according to him it was a confused state of driving as far as handling a Santro is concerned. This vehicle is small but tough and has acceleration features installed.

On the way, he showed us the Mughal relic, Purana Qila(Old-Fort). He added that it was here the blockbuster, Veer Zaara's scene depictng the last meeting of the star - crossed lovers was shot. He also stated that it was convincingly presented as a place in Pakistan.

He also pointed to us the point where our late Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi was shot. He also showed us the point where Gandhiji's memorial is there and also P.M. Manmohan Singh's residence which was heavily fortified according to modern standards with thick steel and iron running all around the structure.

Therafter he showed all the bureaucrats.Govt. officials houses in Chanakyapuri,Known for the many embassies it houses.

All said and done, we finally reached Gurgaon. It is a place termed as "Posh" in modern parlance!

It houses Malls accomodating expensive cosmopolised brands. These Supermarkets are lined one after the another with roads behind or besides it having the M.N.C.'s.

This area is industrialised in its format and infrastructure. Soon, We were at the clinic of the father Dejsus' dentist.We entered inside. We were made to sit in the parlour adjoining the clinic.

After 5 mins. a young girl came and told father Dejus that it was his turn now.He went inside. We were awe-struck. There was a plasma television for the visitors. From outside, we observed the interiors. We saw through the transparent glass outside, dental chairs were lined one after the other on which the patients were operated upon. There was a red velvet carpet strewn across the floor which covered the full - length of the room .

After waiting for nearly 2hours, i felt a little hungry. It was 12:20 a.m. then.

With no sign of Fr. Dejus around we went out looking for some eatables.

Adding to our woes, we found only Rice serving tavern like restaurants. We compromised and cooled ourselves with a considerably big glass of Pomegrenate and Moushambhi mixed beverage with the courtesy of Father Raj.

After 10 mins. we entered the clinic. Father came out after 10 mins. later. After asking us that did we take anything food-wise while he was on the chair with his jaw-wide open! he took us to our return journey back to the institute. As it was Sunday, lunch was meant to be served at 1'o clock.

With less time in hand father dove recklessly, ala James Bond style, with the "monkey"(fickle-minded persons!) referrals to all those driving in a confused and unpredictable manner which caused confusion to the vehicles behind.

Lo! we were inside the institute in a jiffy. It was 1:10mins then.

We thanked him for the trip we had. And it was the gush of adrenaline charged, wind blowing past our faces inside the speeding car being the only soveniur left with us!

Thank you!

You folks are great!

Keep blogging!

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