Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My friend Bipasha - a Saira Banu clone!

Good morning everybody,

Rise and shine, slumber not in your quilts!

Hi! Today I thought to share with you all a few experiences of my classmate.

I hope you won't get bored!

The college i graduated from was full of life and colour.

I had many freinds there, from every community.

The one impression that stayed with me there was to meet Bipasha Saikia from Lakhimpur district, Assam .She was in the same year but she pursued the Degree course without any honours subject.

I would like to share with you all her description. She was slender. She had a peach complexion. Of which i often joke with my room mate and freind Abhishek, the face blessed with the complexion of "Doodh mein sindoor ka Mishran" (milk mixed with vermillion!).

She had an aquiline nose which was razor sharp! and strange enough whenever she placed her duppata over her head like a scarf to ward away the sun she appeared the mirror image of the yesteryears evergreen beauty, Saira Banu! Salwaar- Kameez which was the uniform for the girl students in our college suited her the most.

She was also pursuing the course of Airhostess training from Frankfinn institute in Ganeshguri, a prime commercial centre of Guwahati.

During my second year exams, She had sat beside me and had also asked me the answers of the papers that were common to both of us. Also, earlier I had the opportunity to be with her in the environmental Science field trip along with all our batchmates to a village a few kilometres from Beltola (location of our college). Seeing her makes me sing the evergreen number picturised on Rishi Kapoor: " Main Shaayar toh Nahin! "

She had all the makings of classic beauty.The ones which great romantic poets like William Wordsworth and John Keats had ruminated upon in their immortal works. After these meetings and with the course left in midway she returned to her native place never to be seen again!

Attitude wise she remained very down to earth with a strange mix of modernity and classic histrionics.

To add to my woes , my another freind and also a close freind of hers is not giving me her contact number( Female jealousy i suppose!)

I hope wherever she is , God bless her with boons galore that makes her the happiest person in the world. I also hope wherever she is, is reading my post !

As I don't have a picture of hers (maybe it will be with some of my freinds), I have posted the ethereal beauty, Saira Banu's photo with the note.

So much for now,

Signing off but only for today,



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