Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Trip Through Sarojini's !

Hello Bloggers,

How are you all doing? May this find you all in the zenith of whatever you all do!

''This note is dedicated to our senior, Julita Ekka pursuing Print Journalism in Niscort who loves coming to Sarojini Market every now and then''!

I know you all are not too interested in what i and my company of friends are doing. Anyways, i thought  that I should share some of my ruminating moments with you.

Last Sunday, myself, my friends Joseph and John went to the Sarojini Nagar Market famous for the variety of fare they have to offer. The market is named after one of the important women freedom fighters of India, Shrimati Sarojini Naidu. She was a revered poet. Her name brings to my memory a poem based on the oldest bazaars of Hyderabad city.I had read it along with my mother when i was in the 5th standard.

We in our institute have only the sunday left to ourselves with other days being hectic. My other friend Anand(from Jharkhand) chose to sleep in the hostel room that day.

We boarded the Safdarjung route Government transportation bus 534 from Anand Vihar bus terminal for our escapade of sorts!

It was going through a bullock-cart like pace with passengers from behind yelling at the bus driver for his obvious sluggishness! Thereafter, it gathered pace as we passed through lajpat nagar (which I remember my uncle telling me that it is famous for womens dress-materials) after which we passed South Extension, a galore of branded outlets gleeing at everybody through their glossily packaged stores. A few stoppages later we passed the famous AAIMS(All India Institute of Medical Sciences), a hospital which had once nursed our late Prime Minister, Shrimati Indira Gandhi.

Crossing these landmarks in its own rights, our bus descended the famous Safdarjung flyover from which the unique steel mushroom installations can be seen. These are below the flyover in circular turfs of land. I remember i once read the comments about this contemporary artwork from personalities as Raghu Rai (the renowned photographer) in a paper's supplement.

After these sights, we reached Dilli Haat bus stoppage, where my cousin sister lives in the government quarters. A few paces forward on the road besides the haat leads to the market.We reached there at 11'o clock after starting from our institute at 9:15 a. m.

It was a bustle of shopkeepers and customers.My friend John took some cash from the ATM there.( sorry, I don't remember the bank's name)

Just outside the ATM, there were two sellers dealing in track-pants, priced at Rs.150 each,of which John bought one (it was not a bad deal). I bought two fruit baskets for my mother at Guwahati, Assam. After venturing I bought three picture-frames for Rs.100, which was indeed very cheap! After that i bought ten good quality steel hangers with black coloured plastic coated over it for Rs.100.

After the buying, we searched for a hotel which has my childhood memories linked to it.It is "Khattaa-Meetha"(Sour and Sweet!)

Upon entering the eatery i remembered that the owner has changed the look inside which included the furnishing. On going through the menu, I ordered the good-old Chole-Bhatture which was served with assortments as mango pickle, Pudina-chutney,onions etc.We washed down this lip-smacking and filling snack with a cup of hot coffee to boost ourselves for the rest of the travel!

My friend, Joseph bought a three pairs of Tee-shirts at quite an affordable price as Christmas gifts for his Cousins in Darjeeling. It was a different experience for all of us though I regret on not taking one of the tracks that John had purchased! 

After our miniscule shopping, we began to head for the institute.It was 2:15 in the afternoon then.We boarded a bus to the terminus back home and getting down there went to the Mac-Donald's outlet in Big-Bazar,Kaushambi,Ghaziabad(for we were half starved till then)

Our gracious and generous friend Joseph treated us with a Veg.burger each! After devouring them we headed for our hostel in the institute campus to find our friend, Anand having a nice time napping. After waking him up we shared the day's experiences with him.

Last but not the least we went back to our dry and monotonous textbooks!

So much for now, do keep posting folks!

God bless you all. 


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