Monday, December 1, 2008

Fashion-Tip of the iceberg!

Hello once again, Here I am at your dispsal!

The Metros have some interesting  weekouts visiting a pub, a bar, discotechque , Luxurious hotels which at times are evident among  the rising middle class of the country.

I chose cinema as my mode of relaxation. This time around I watched Madhur Bhandarkar's latest product, Fashion with Priyanka Chopra in the lead. It also has a dozen film old, Kangana Ranaut (identifiable with her distinct curly hair!)  as well as newcomer model- turned actress, Mughda Godse.

On the first glance it can be passed off as a movie holding firm to issues of women's identity in any society of the world. 

The film tells the tale of Priyanka , a small town girl who too like her competitors is swayed  to the enigmatic and shining veneer of fashion.

Then starts her journey into this world often despised by the lower middle class of the country while the poor do not have an idea of its happenings. She is shown to make moral, ethical, personal compromises with her very entity. Also a slight justification is shown behind Priyanka's acceptance of all these, the reason being she is a woman and the subconcious thought reminded to a woman without a "godfather" that her body is her only asset. It is her boon as well as bane in such an industry.

While Kangana's character is an already established Model who in this industry's parlance is considered a "Showstopper". (You all might know, but for being technically correct it is the model being given the most exiquiste of outfits and literally made the highlight of the show.)

The clear, cut irony and unreliability is highlighted when Kangana is shown the door and Priyanka replaces her as the new face of the modelling agency.(the excuse given by the concern is that her attitude was being over the top, coupled with her excess intake of drugs, alchohol)

Mughda Godse being acquainted with the industry portrays her character of a struggling model with finesse. She gets her big break when she accepts the proposal for marriage from her schooltime pal, a gay designer in the industry, played with equal ease by Samir Soni.

Bhandarkar makes use of his actors well. It is for this reason Harsh Chaaya(otherwise seen in serious roles) is convincing in the role of a gay designer.

Kangana Ranaut stands out as the showstopper in the scenes when she is shown full lenght.The pride and arrogance is evident in her eyes while she flaunts her gorgeous outfits. 

The movie brings alive the common man's assumptions about this lucrative industry. To make this statement authentic, Bhandarkar states his inputs while interviewing models who relate to him about the prevalence of drugs, booze, bitching about their contemporaries etc. I came across these post-production revelations while going across Asian Age's supplement "The Age, Delhi" which carried a feature on the film.

It was interesting to hear Madhur Bhandarkar's statement which came in the form of the headline for another feature of The Asian Age's Sunday supplement, The Age on Sunday.

It ran as: "Fashion industry need not fear my film!"

Artificial rage and overtly competitive attitude of the models has been shown in the production.

Fr.Gerry, my movie buff partner from Chennai as usual accompanied me and related his understanding of the treatment to the storyline. He says  that it has been emotively dealt with. Issues of ethics and morality has been dealt with fairplay and balance. 

This industry if generalised can be termed as a deepening morass which sucks anybody and everybody who is associated with it.

The last scene is somewhat emotional when it is known that Kangana's lifeless body has been found near the roadside when police contacts Priyanka as she is her guardian.The reason being drug overdose.The irony of the moment is that it is Priyanka's comeback to the circuit after a year long hiatus and still, she doesn't have the privacy to cry over her death. She walks the ramp with a blank look, while the spectators comprising of socialites, designers, photojournalists, former models applaud her!

These certainly makes one think but in the words of Bhandarkar himself, he has just shown the tip of the iceberg!

The cast also has some supporting scenes with supermodels as Diandra Soares and Nayanika Chaterjee.

Last but not the least the title track "Fashion Ka Hain Yeh Jalwa..." by the mesmerising Sukhwinder Singh is dealt with loud strains in the background which is symbolic, considering the industry's gloss, extravagance, over the top parties for launching a creation as well as celebrating its success. Also a word should be said about the Arab lyrics in the track "Marr Jawaa.." which are ecstatic.

I would suggest bloggers to  evaluate Madhur's school of thought by watching this film.

Happy viewing!

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