Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Positivity and Negativity?

Hello folks,

Salaam and namaste to you all!

This is a small note onthe civic behaviour of individuals around us. I would like to hear all of your valuable comments on what your opinion is regarding this issue.

Human beings are the most complex beings in this world. This fact comes out even though, psychologists through their extensive studies try to categorise human behaviour.

Some people think themselves to be the most intelligent. Some consider themselves to be physically strong. Some pretend to be grounded and very down to earth. Some possess streaks of unhealthy competition. Some are confused and show contradictory behaviour when taking simple decisions. Some think themselves to be very cunning and their mental quotient is revealed when they fall into the hands of genuinely intelligent individuals (denoting those persons who do not bask in the glory of bookish knowledge which every Tom, Dick and Harry can amalgate!)

People who are persons of action do not go about beating drums of their accomplishments. Nor do they consider their peers and contemporaries as inferior. Everyone has a role to play in this world. 

The great thinker, Rousseau had once commented: A little learning is a dangerous thing!

These are visionary lines by visionary people. My freind Abhishek Pandey says people criticise something which is fully laden. This is a reference to a proverb which says people throw stones on that tree which has ripe fruits. Same is the case vice versa. That person is genuiely humble who knows matters and concepts in their socio-historical-cultural-political-economic and religious aspects and try to view things objectively in their practical fields of interests.

I think that depends on the values, ethics and heritage endowed upon us by our elders.

The North-South divide in India are all a product of little learning.If somebody from South India says that people in that part of the country are intelligent, civic and ethical, then they are without any doubt being biased and prejudiced as far as the thrust of their opinions are concerned.

If South Indian people state that "this" part of the country has the most rowdy individuals.This too, obviously is a chauvinistic view.This is so for the individuals they are commenting on are the lower sections of the society and if they try to argue that even "elite" people act in that manner, my proposition would be that these section have got hold of wealth and position in the society by the stroke of luck and were ignorant people a few generations back.

I can say that they (North Indians) possess a rare gregarious attitude which helps them in adjusting in any part of the globe which I am sorry to say even the South Indian people do not possess. This is not taking any stance, but this "blame game" requires elimination.

This itself is National interest. India is a composite society with individuals contributing from the Vedic-ages to the contemporary age.

Similarly, a person being politically correct is a result of the values he/she is bestowed from their homes. I remember theU.S. singer Hillary Duff's statement in the Friday supllement "Etc" with the Indian daily, The Telegraph in this regard. She says that even the way one talks over the cell-phone is an indication of that individual's manners and civility.

The South Indian people are talented in their own right. They are in the civil services as well as the NASA of the U.S.

Generalisations brings arrogance and stubborness and deprive the human mind from functioning logically. A steady mind is all-embracing and presents the facts with objectivity, fairplay and balance.

Keep Thinking Folks!

Be positive and keep posting.

Thank you all of my bloggers.

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Abhishekthescorpion said...

Everyone is unique in his/her own capacity as you know we all are bestowed by the same god without any discrimination. I am agree with you that generalisation on the basis of caste, religion, region and race is absolutely a crap idea. And if we talk about the behaviour, it is a mirror in which everyone displays his own image, so we need not to worry who behaves in wht fashion but yes we should zero-in how we behave and react in odd situations! And for many people, one of the most frustrating aspects of life is not being able to understand other people's behavior. and if we understand why the person behaves in a peculiar way then we will not react. Isn't it !