Monday, February 16, 2009

Sunny and Uncouth persons!

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Today, i would like to discuss and hear from you all opinions, views and observations on the various attitudes individuals show.
We have communication classes as a prescribed paper in our second semester wherein we get to know different models of communication. In the models taught of late, we got to know about a certain model (Festinger's model) which pertains to group and individual behaviour and attitudes ( plz pick up any communication-theory book or else look through it online and you'll get to know some interesting case-studies)
Khuswant Singh, a popular novelist and newspaper collumnist of India weaves intersesting stories with generous dollops of satire, sarcasm etc.which he claims to be based on persons of diverse mental-wave length and behaviour he had encountered all through these years!
In that regard, R.K. Narayan( Malgudi Days fame) of South India never lagged behind, for his each essay and novel are intelligent observations of attitudes, behaviour, graphic depiction of body language of individuals.
No Generalisations, Prejudice or Biasedness regarding anyone but there some persons who out of jealousy upon someone try to behave in an unexpected fashion!
Who will try to inject a little "sense" into them that this world is too small, one's lifetime too short for these larger than life behavioural-traits like Jealousy, Biasedness, Prejudice ,Heartburn to creep in and prioritise other meaningful things.
Without taking any stances i would like to pinpoint an obvious instance of popular culture, Shah Rukh Khan, Superstar of Bollywood is not called the "King of Bollywood" for nothing. His biographies as well as interviews with film-journalists show the reasons for him to earn the sobriquet.
He had lost his father, Mir Taj Mohammad( a congress-freedom fighter) to cancer while he was 15 years of age.10 years later, he was praying for his mother , Fatima Begum outside the hospital who too had fallen prey to it. To his dismay, he lost her went to his home locked himself up in his bedroom and pressed violently the buttons on the videogame-joysticks inside and took out all his despair, frustration, sadness then and there but didn't break which would have been natural for a youngster like him!
Besides his skyrocketting stardom, his humility, positiveness and a balanced mind are traits worth- looking for in an individual.
There are some individuals, whom i won't single out for ridiculing but elicit certain negative trends as taking out an opposite meaning from whatever one has said or stated. This may be due to their socio-historic-cultural-political-educational backgrounds.
It is hard to find a second Mahatma Gandhi, Tipu Sultan, Bhagat Singh, Subhash Chandra Bose, Swami-Vivekananda etc who in their own ages of hopelessness and turmoil tried to think and act differently.
It is hard to find liberal and positively construed thought proceses of Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King etc.
There are some persons who think it to be courageous enough when they try to single out a certain community for ridiculing due to their pre-concieved notions and inapplicability of knowledge of History, Sociology, Political Science etc.
I once read a chapter which had an account of an exhuberant and sunny bus-conductor in London-city as part of our English readings in class-10th.
He made the passengers happy with his humanitarian-behaviour, even though he himself was stepped upon by pointed heels of ladies shoes inside the packed bus!
Sorry, Thank-You, Excuse-Me and Please are not weaknesses but catalysts of strength in man's strenous journey of life.
In India's broadcast media, one name is bound to appear again and again. He is Mr. Amin Sayani of "Binaca-Geetmala" countdown. He was identifiable with his sing-a-song voice. He had a strange connectivity with his listeners through his conversational tone of speaking which people found non-corporate. That is why listener-requests flew in from far away places as Jhumrithalaiyaa.
Negativity does not cost a thing to be acquired or inculcated but there are also individuals who appear rather pretentiously to be positive in their mindset showing off some external-traits to support it but cannot assert themselves when ocassions demand them to be so.
Consistency, Balanced-Mind are instrumental in positive behaviour and thinking. A disciplined lifestyle helps one to achieve positivity.
One has nothing to complain about or grumble in one's life for it is said in some religions that after a door of "opportunity" closes another one opens.
Dale-Carneige's , Self-help books are what is needed for such individuals.Physical - Exercise of any kind raises one's self-esteem and confidence and instead of trying to humiliate a talented individual for no fault of his/her's, one should try to concentrate on these.
American-employees, an innovating and slogging workforce of the international arena take what is called "power-lunch" i.e. the lunch designed in such a manner to accomodate strenous and demanding work schedules. They surely are a model to follow in this regard.
The bottomline that strikes our minds at this point, "An idle mind is a devil's workshop!"
Pride, yes ! but in standing out tall among the mob by doing things differently, to the larger interests of a society, a region, country, the whole-world, not in some miniscule and temporary achievement.
There are some individuals who through their pretentious bonhomie, try to take out things or rather secrets which are of importance to them. Little do they know that their shallow-intelligence is dripping from their faces in the process !
This is the difference between cunningness and inborn and hard-earned or inherited intelligence.
Thank you all,
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