Thursday, February 19, 2009

Obamania ! The U.S. President's Exclusive Interview.

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Today i would like to share with you all a few notes i jotted down from U.S. president Barack Obama's exclusive interview to the channel Al-Arabiya.
Here are the notes:

1st Segment: On new ties with the Muslim world:
America needs to listen and not dictate, Its time for Palestine and Israel to negotiate. We can make a significant progress, if we work together(Mr. Barack Obama)
Crisis across Mid-east and Asia are interrelated.
We're ready to build a new partnership (based on mutual respect and co-op.) Israel will continue to be a strong ally of the U.S.

2nd segment: On West Asian Crisis:
Its possible to see a bright future. Matter of fact, situation for Palestine has hardly changed.The bottomline is:We need to focuss on the lives of Palestinian children.

3rd Segment: On Osama Bin Laden:
Al-Qaeda's ideas are bankrupt (No action behind their motives)
Al-Qaeda has been immensely destructive( Children of Muslim world need Knowledge).This being neglected.
Regardless of religion, Common hope exists among U.S. people.
Message to the Muslim world: America not an enemy. America is not a colonial power( Cites America's history in its build up to nation)
His own Conviction: "People will judge me by action not words."
"I 've fulfiulled my job by sending Mitchell (wife and first lady) to mid-east."
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