Wednesday, February 25, 2009

News Show Formats.

Picture: Sagarika Ghose, Anchor of CNN-
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Today i would like put in front of you all the format of the news-show Face the Nation anchored by Sagarika Ghose in CNN-IBN.
Here's a few excerpts from what i've jotted down:

Date of Telecast: 25/2/09.
Time of telecast: 10:30 pm.
Topic: Should Mumbai terror attack guilty Kasab be given a free and fair trial by the Indian Judiciary?
Fair Trial for Kasab?
Question: Defend Terror Accused?

Segment-1: Law vs. Conscience.
Views and comments in text form in the show by prominent leaders and journalists:
Arun Shourie, prominent Journalist: "Kasab should be given the best of lawyers."
Bal Thakeray, Shiv Sena Supremo: " Kasab should be hanged in front of the Gateway of India."
Segment-2: Kasab: Pariah for lawyers.
Defending a Terrorist. Mention of the Constitutional Right to Life and Legal Aid (Article-21)
Mention of sections 303 & 304 of the Indian Constitution.

Guests of the show: Colin Gonsalves, Human Rights Law Network, Executive Director. He was reportedly considering a fair trial for Kasab.

Rahul Narvekar, Shiv Sena Legal cell Head resounded Mr. Bal Thakeray's Comments.

The Show was summed up by giving the results of the online poll through sms as to: Do terrorists like Kasab deserve a free and fair trial - yes : 40% and No: 60%.

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