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Moral Policing and Freedom of Expression:Where do they stand?

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Today i would like to discuss with you all my report of the 76th World Around Programme last week on Friday which had the guest speaker, Amit SenGupta, Editor-Hard News interacting with the students of Niscort (National Institute of Social Communications Research and Training) on an issue hogging media limelight of late.

The topic at hand, Freedom of Expression and Moral Policing was dealt in an all encompassing manner by the Editor.

Here's the report:

Ghaziabad,Feb13 (NISCORT): Amit SenGupta,Editor of the Magazine Hard-News presiding in the 76th World around programme at Niscort, a media training institute spoke at length over the issue of Freedom of expression and Moral policing.

"Nothing happens in isolation"-this was the bottomline of the editor's all-encompassing speech over the hotly debated topic.

Talking to students over the issue which had invited the antics of the Ram Sene in Mangalore led by the hardliner, Pramod Muthalik, he said that the basic problem was not that of women going to pubs for drinks but of the obvious growth of an Anti-Woman mindset.

He stated that going by this mindset incorporated that women were meant only to procreate.He also added that this hatred was similar to that of German Dictator, Hitler's alledged claim of "Aryan" supremacy.

He gave students an insight into the processing of extremist right-wing political parties in the scene of Indian politics.

He said that BJP is the political front of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh(RSS) functioning and capitalising in tribal and Christian populated areas of the nation.

He further added that the alledged "Hindu-Rashtra" ideology often cited by the radical right wing political parties is basically Brahmanical, upper-caste oriented hegemony which is taking the shape of a "patriarchal" element in the society.

He shared some facts and figures involving "Communal Clashes" reported to be engineered by the right-wing radical fronts. He added that '84 Sikh riots in Delhi were an exception as Congress leaders themselves were alledged to behind the mob-attacks.

The Editor stressed that these created and state engineered clashes in the name of religion were infact what can be said as "blurring of lines" i.e. the hair-line difference between what was humane and what inhuman, what was sane and what insane.

He pointed that radical and unviable solutions,views were reducing the importance of everything which is humane.

He further added that in India, there was right of conversion. As far as women's defiance to such antics are concerned he reportedly said that they should denounce them publicly and also reject the shackles of male-domination even if they are condemmned as Dalits had been in the Indian society.

He told students tht Ram-Sene and all other Rightwing hardliner groups are Hydra-headed, having octopus-like tentacles as evident from their alledged activities.

He stated that Ram Sene's focus on moral-policing involving women were nothing but desperate attempts of individuals having Sexual-Frustration and deep-rooted machoistic outlook.

He commented on the hypocrisy of all the Right wing Radicalists by describing their lot as "sinister individuals" mushrooming in "quagmire who were nothing but xenophiles."

He reportedly said that the incidents in Karnataka were nothing but a conscious attempt at turning the state into a new-laboratory of hate.

He summed up the session by stating that moral-policing issues and antics were nothing but larger politics of holocaust and added that there was counter resistance from some forces like the banned Naxalites and Salwa Judum of Chattisgargh were resisting them.
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