Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Which is the Best-Science or Arts?

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I would like to throw in front of you all a topic as to which is the best discipline, Science or Arts.

People argue that Science is a discipline which lives in the real world whereas Arts in a make believe one.

With no offence made to any of the propositions I would like to state that The world is not a compartmentalised matter, it has had over centuries and ages produced Scientists, inventors, mathematicians, discoverors, innovators, biologists, alchemist, astronomers, metereologists, ornithologists etc..

In a similar manner, the world over has had the privilege of witnessing the articulate, romantic( not in the limited sense of the term.) , delicate and well-crafted works of Poets, Authors, Novelists, Playwrights, Essayists etc.

An ignorant senior of mine once commented to me while we were indulged in an evening stroll, "students from Science background can easily go for arts studies in his/hers higher degree of studies and also adapt to it but an Arts background student cannot do so! "

Little does he know that how can that science student bring lucid vocabulary in his/her pen? How can that student involved in dissection of parts of amphibians in his lab be satirical in his compositions and notes?How can that student inculcate in himself connectivity, creativity, nuances required or to put it this way how will he/she in one stroke develop aesthetic sense?

India has had the blessings of a long tradition of learning, knowledge gathering, chronicling them via the mediums available down the ages.

It has had the previlege of being bestowed with two of the oldest universities known in the annuls of history, The Taxxila and The Nalanda.

It has had the previlege of being visited by knowledge-seekers like Huen-Tsang and closer home the oriental scholar from middle east, Al-Biruni.

I will quote one instance from Al-Biruni's treatise on India which speaks volumes about his modesty and humility as far as pride upon his learning was concerned.(Arabs like Indians has had the proud legacy of Astronomers, Chemists, Mathematicians, Inventers-the world's first camera was made there)

He was in his death bed and was disturbed regarding the solution of a mathematical problem and was constantly inquiring about it to his freind by the bedside.His freind not to worry about it as will strain his nerves. His freind went out of the chamber to fetch something and heard a yell of joy. On returning, he found his freind dead and a paper lying beside him on which was scribbled the solution of the mathematical problem!

The famous Physicist, Issac Newton when on the peak of his achievements had stated-"I am still picking up the sea-shells by the shore!

Persons giving irrational or judgemental staements on any issue should be made to do their homework and acquainted with the time-tested saying of Rousseau which runs as:

"A little learning is a dangerous thing ! "

The Mughals were patron of letters, architecture as well as technology, evident from the capacity of their awe-inspiring weapons and arsenal.

Tipu Sultan, the warrior-king of erstwhile Mysore state knew 4-5 languages, was a distinguised poet, an author( he had written the military mnual, Fateh-Al-Mujahideen),was an innovator too. He had modernised Rockets invented during his father, Haidar Ali's time, to that level that English adventurer,William Congreve, involved in the last battle of Mysore in which the ruler was martyred, carried the technology to England and came to be known as "the father of rocket-technology"

Cinema is composed of varied elements it  has comic relief borrowed from great dramatists works, it has satire from essayists and authors works, it has aesthetic sense in the form of poetry, paintings, pictures, portraits etc..with the many special-effects, sfx ,sync-sound, camera-positioning it involves. 

Nothing happens in isolation. The discipline of Journalism now into an advanced sphere of electronic-media is all-encompassing. It covers almost everything under the sky.The cause and effect methodology of approaching concepts, issues comes into play here.

So to all wannabe journalists being carried away with their little learning, be responsible and objective in whatever comment you think to make.

This applies to individuals of any occupation and vocation otherwise terms like "being politically correct" wouldn't have existed!

Thank you all for blogging!

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joseph said...

Hey Jawed, I am really awed by your beautiful expessions and your logical penning down of intelligent thoughts. You are a natural.
I agree with you when you say that no one can acquire aesthetic sense at one stroke.Moreover, I believe that that arts has got to do more with the heart and science with brains. And, ultimately it is the heart that matters.Nevertheless, I have come across many science people who are better satirists that the arts folks.
Keep blogging!