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Folktales are here to stay!

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Paheli, The movie directed by the semi-art movies actor of yesteryears, Amol palekar if viewed from the apparent level will show us a canvass of medieval fairytale often narrated by the elders of the house orally to their kith and kin.

As we go deeper into the treatment given to the tale by the director considering the proprtions the medium of cinema covers we get to see that it can also be passed of as a tale about the emancipation of women. Or to put it this way, is it a wrong choice for the jurists to select it for the BAFTA awards equivalent to Oscars.

We can asume that it has something in it which made it India's official entry to 2006 edition of the awards.

The "Hullabaloo" surrounding its selection by the jury-panel is not objective.

Yes, everything has its flaws and loopholes,to which criticism is welcome.But, people judging Black to be a better competitor to paheli is not on. The jurists are not an ignorant or arrogant lot.Their decision is rational.

"Black", the tale of alzheimer's disease and victims falling prey to it and even then , rising, attempting to advance while braving all odds is a remarkable and inspiring tale.But, the tale has been adapted to so called Indian standards of movie making and given a melodramatic touch in the process just to serve our masala- loving cine-goers by Sanjay leela Bhansali.

Such themes in movie making sans the melodramatic touch can be easily concieved by the proffesionals of Hollywood.

In fact, such tales of victims of fatal disease braving all odds and attempting to rie above sympathy is Hollywood's brainchild, the only thing is that such a movie had not been made in our industry.Earlier, there were movies like "Koshish" with Sanjeev kumar in the lead. There was also Sunil Dutt's "Dard ka rishta. " Their treatment of the subjects of malfuctionalities and diseases were awe-inspiring.

Yet at the same time these propositions do mot steal the glory of Bhansali's genius.

Leaving suggestions, Countersuggestions aside, if we introspect Amol Palekar's production, we can see the significance allied with it.

It falls in the genre of paralllel, offbeat cimema which very subtlety interprets complexities and phases of the dynamic human life. These techniques were implemented in moviemaking by the likes of Kudan Shah and Ketan Mehta in his middle phase of filmaking. 

Paheli highlights the culture, traditions and heritage of our land interpreted to the audience via a folk-like feel with use of colours, Puppets, song and dance symbolic to the state of Rajasthan.

The story is originally adapted from Vijaydan Detha's Rajasthani folk tale, "Duvidha."It was earlier made by another gem of a director, Mani Kaul in 1973 by the same title.

The tale permeates our rich composite culture containing in the unparalleled literary compositions of indigenous authors.

Instead of lauding Shahrukh Khan who is a main stream superstar of the tinsel town attempting along with Amol Palekar to present to the world the rich Indian collection of stories which gave their stamp on the Hans Anderson, Grimms Fairytales and even the Aesop fables, we are demoralising them by branding the film which runs  on a non-stereotyped theme, as a wrong choice by the jury panel.

Also we have to keep in mind that literature has been the forte of Indian cinema for many years and years to come.

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