Friday, January 9, 2009

Origins of some Food !

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I thought let me discuss with you all something about Food.

To start with , "Biryani" which is a famous oriental dish has got a great fanfare in India-the ''melting pot'' of almost everything in the world.

This mouth watering and filling dish is prepared in different ways in the states of the country.

The Parsees, a cultural community of Iran who had migrated to India long back in the state of Gujarat and who in contemporary times have quite a number 0f 'nostalgic' eateries in Maharashtra prepare it in a different manner.

The Muslims in Hyderabad prepare it in a different way. Same will be the case with Karnataka, Madras etc.

In Delhi it is prepared in the traditional Mughalai style and has also undergone changes down the ages.

Speaking of Mughalai fare, the Karim's chain of hotels in the city are excellent in this regard , with outlets near Meena-Bazaar in Jamma-Masjid and the one near the Sufi Saint, Hazrat Nizammudin Auliya's Shrine.

Biryani, the assortment of flavoured rice with traditional additions as "Kewra", "Gulab-Jal" (Rose-water) , Bada- Elaichi and boiled Mutton/chicken has a long history of its coming to India.

The Mughals had brought it here among the many 'firsts' they had introduced to this land. Its origin can be traced to Central Asia and Iran from where the Mughal's Family-tree starts from that region with many inter-marriages with Turkish and Iranian nobility.

It was In Emperor Akbar's reign, that his cavalrymen were fed with this dish as it was wholesome and nutritious and gave them a boost to march untreaded terrains.

The Method of carrying these were somewhat like this.

They were filled in big-handis i.e., saucepans with wheat-dough smeared around the corners/edges of the lids covering these dishes , preventing the heat from escaping thus, keeping it warm and were tied on to Elephant backs including its rear with ropes!

Biryani was a rich dish and it required a good constitution for digestion so, the Mughals used to have "Burhuni" after the dish. Burhuni was a digestive like the Rajputs, appetiser, "Jaljeera".

It was made of curd with oriental and Indian spices mixed with it.

Be healthy, Eat healthy, Think healthy!!

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Hi Javed,

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