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The common man resurfaces again !

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Films are a wonderful recreation. It is a destressing medium and also one which carries a certain moral or the other.

The movie I would like to discuss with you all is YashRaj's latest installation.

It is Aditya Chopra's " Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi " which was released on 12th Dec, 2008.

The Aditya Chopra-Shahrukh Khan duo had earlier offered us magically weaved productions as Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge and Mohabbatein.

It is after a hiatus of 8 years that the two are converging again for some visual fireworks!

The movie marks the debut of a fresh face, Anushka Sharma.

The tale is woven on streaks of romantic-drama genre that the banner expertises in yet succeeds in leaving the audiences interested till its end.

The story goes on something like this.

Surinder Sahani (Shahrukh Khan) works for the electric-generating company, Punjab-Power.

He is plain and ordinary in his thoughts as well as dressing.

He sets off to attend the marriage of his teacher's daughter. He was his favorite student.

He is introduced in the ceremony to the would-be-bride as well as his daughter, Tani(Anushka Sharma).

She is a vivacious, fun-loving, bubbly young girl about to experience a married life.

Surinder falls head over heels at her feminine and natural looks couple with the quintessential charm which according to him is rare to be seen in contemporary girls.

An hour later news reaches that the Bridegroom and his family had met with a fatal accident while on the way, which claimed their lives.

Suddenly, the rejoicing and festive house is pushed into pervading gloom. Surinder's teacher and Tani's father suffers a heart attack and is rushed to the hospital, with doctors claiming it as a major stroke.

Surinder's teacher calls for him in the ward and tells him that he would be satisfied and would depart from this world as a happy man if Surindr marries Tani.

After some persuasion, Surinder agrees and Tani is allied with him.

Tani agrees due to her dying father and in the process strangulates her wishes and desires in the process.

Her father passes away and she arrives to Suri's working class home in Amritsar.

Suri out of his gentle nature and kind-heartedness leaves her alone in his room, leaving it all for herself while he goes to live in the attic.

He prepares breakfast for himself and his newly wed wife and after a knock or two on the door leaves a note on the table with his cell number written on it.

Tani has not been able to overcome the sudden grief that struck her and was awake the whole night sobbing.

There is an interesting scene when Suri leaves the breakfast along with the note. He tries to place a red rose on the note indicating his love for her but after a few seconds again puts it back in the vase.

This shows his pent up love for her which he is somehow not able to express !

The same morning Suri is queried by his colleagues in the office that why had he been missing in the office for a couple of days and finds out abot his marriage.

They ask him about celebrations in his house and gather in the evening for dinner at his place.

Suri goes home worried and encounters Bobby Khosla( Vinay Pathak), his long time friend and owner of the salon, "head turner" in the locality. He grumbles on him being not informed about Suri's marriage!

Bobby talks with his friend and comes to not abot the circumstances leading to this alliance and also learns that Suri loves her dearly but cannot express the same!

His colleagues arrive and suri asks his friend to take care of them, while he goes to query his wife.

He knocks on the door and tells her that his friends on knowing about his marriage persuaded on some celebrations and tells her that it would be nice if she would just say a hello to them.

Upon not getting any response, Suri tells her from outside the door that he will tell them that she isn't well.

His colleagues are in the midst of their rejoicing when lo! she appears, with snacks prepared by her along with Sherbet and acknowledges each of his drunk friends.

They feel elated and earns Suri's respect as she saved him the blushes of the lot not being able to meet their newly wed bhabi.

Suri's love and admiration for her is at its peak when that night she suddenly confesses that she would need some time to adapt to the changed house-hold conditions and adds that she will transform herself from her earlier self to a new self.

Surinder is shocked when he hears that she would never be able to love him as her husband!

Surinder is broken from whitin yet keeps up a brave face.

As Tani promised he gets his breakfast and that too before he comes to prepare it himself! In addition he also has his office-tiffin prepared in his "yellow-lunch-box" kept in his scooter.

The reason for me mentioning the shade yellow is that it can have a layered meaning for yellow is a colour generally associated with meek, timid persons.

Surinder consoles his heart and considers this act of her's as his spouse's love towards him!

Tani as is a vivacious, spontaneous and fun loving girl finds it tough to keep her promise!

She happens to get the news of a dancing-competition that has come to town from Bombay, titled "Dancing-jodi"

Its criteria is that it requires pair of a male and female for dance. She approaches Suri and also tells him that if he disapproves of her not joining it, she would oblige.

After a few minutes, Suri quitely keeps the fees for the admission in the event besides the handbill for the event!

She thanks him and he acknowledges it quitely!

She goes to the auditions and gets involved in the process.

Meanwhile our never say die Suri approaches Bobby to help him earn the love from Tani.

Booby can be said to be the catalyst in the tale( running on the lines of Deven Verma in the portrayal of a theatre artist who comes to the rescue of Amol Palekar in the classic,"Golmaal .")

He spunks up Suri's hair, makes him adorn flashy designer tees, stone-washed fitting jeans complete with coloured glares and pointed beatle shoes for footwear!

Suri's Moustache is cut off (Bobby wanted it to be trimmed!) when the lights in the salon goes off !

The direction is clever here, for he doesn't present Suri's alter-ego i.e. the non-existent Raj as a genuine hunk but infuses charicatures in his portrayal of Raj - a Jat-Punjabi character, hence his over the top dressing and one who flirts with pretty girls at the drop of a hat !

Suri reaches the audition centres as Raj and spots Tani there and as the rules of the competition go they are made to pair with each other.

Much to the bewilderment of Tani, he doesn't know to display the right moves and struggles with his partner, who is a quick learner.

This goes on for some days. As expected Tani finds solace in Raj's Mannerism-his candidness most of all his capacity to make her smile almost everytime. Suri is delighted. As the longer dance-sessions requires time at hand , he tells his wife at home that he will be late home as he is on overtime at the office.

One fine day, he says to his partner that she better find some other dancing-partner for his moves would take her nowhere. He tells this to find her reaction.

After a couple of days, she visits the address that Suri as Raj provided at the dance-centre's records.

This leads her to a motor-garage of a Sikh friend of Bobby. Bobby is present there when she arrives and informs Suri about the matter.

Suri is delighted and excitedly heads for the address but only after changing his attire from Bobby's salon!

Upon reaching there as Raj, Tani tells him that as he is her partner it rests on her to carry this relation forward and that is by teaching him to dance.

He is elated and their rigorous sessions day in and day out begins.

Suri tells Bobby all this .

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