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Cultural-Influence on Religion.

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Today I would like to discuss with you all the topic that does Culture influence Religion?

The world earlier was disintegrated, with no communication , common language, common - currency, etc.

The passage of time taught man a lot of things.

The world is composed of the following religions: Christianity, Islam, Zionism, Zorastrianism , Confucisinism , Buddhism , Jainism , Hinduism , Sikhism and certain animistic and nature - worshipping cults.

The father of Communism , Karl-Marx stated: "Religion is the opium of the weak !

Propositions aside, Let us track the influence of culture on religion. 

The Islamic republic of Iran has a rich culture which is manifested besides other things in its language.

Iran shares good bilateral ties with Democratic India. 

This nation before coming under pan-Islam comprised of Parsees, a cultural community who are alledged to have come as refugees to the erstwhile princely state of Gujarat. The ruler of Gujarat as traditional narratives has it had asked the Parsees, as to how will they be accepted in this territory  to which they had replied: We are so harmonious, that "we would mix ourselves in this land as sweetly as sugar does!" 


The Parsees speak Parsi language which has synonyms to the Persian language spoken by the Muslim population now. They are Fire-Worshippers.

Persian had enjoyed a great status in India with the Mughal emperors having it as their court-language and mother-toungue. This was due to the inter-marriage the Mughals had with the Iranian nobility of that era.

There are a lot of accounts in the form of letters, essays, poems, treatises on India in Persian.

The Marathas ( who after Shivaji were a disintegrated nobilty with a lot of Peshwas) corresponded in letters to the Muslim rulers in this medium.

Urdu, which was developed in the Sindh and parts of North West Frontier province(present Peshawar) of undivided India to the present format has a lot of derivations from Persian.

Despite these, the common link between Parsees and Iranians among many other things is the usage of the term, Khuda , referring to God. The Parsees refer to God as Khudai !

All sweet sounding terms trace their origin to Persian. The name of Indian superstar, Shahrukh Khan, Shahrukh, a Persian name denotes Princely or Royal-face.

My name, Jawed is of Persian origin too. It means " long-life !"

The concept of Secularism has been worked with the backdrop of the amalgamation of the rich composite culture and adapted accordingly.

It traces its root to the Persian term, "Sulekhul " denoting the same. Our  statesman-like Prime Minister, Pandit Nehru had thrown his weight behind it.

The Maratha term " Peshwa ", as adressed to the rank of the chief in their nobility traces its origin again to Persian.

Even after being an Islamic-Republic, Iranians celebrate "Navroze" or the Iranian new-Year which is again celebrated b the Parsees in India!

Iran is a culturally strong nation it encompassed all that was available in Souh-Asian as welll as Oriental traditions during its build up as a nation.

The Panchatantra tales of India had travelled to Iran besides Greece and had manifested itself in their own peculiar narratives.

Culture is what our ancestors have to give to us. They can be in the form of mores, folkways, different forms of traditional media, literature and its many genres, historical, sociological records and accounts.

The present world is a globalised one with human-resources from almost every country flocking to economically-sound nations for better career and economic prospects.

We should try to preserve our culture. It is a gift from our ancestors.

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