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Tete-a-Tete with a Thinking Filmaker !

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Today i would like to place in front of you notes of the broadcast of an interview with a thinking moviemaker of India, who is none other than Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra.

I remember having read about the filmaker's story telling treatment in the Cinema supplement of The Telegraph, i.e., ETC. ( Entertaintment, Television, Cinema ) : that my movies are a constant struggle of good over evil: starting from the times when "Aks" was made.

The program was: "Cut" on NDTV Good Times.

The Anchor was Ayesha Sharma.

Date of Telecast: 28-2-09.

Rakeysh Om Mehra as you all is a filmaker of considerable repute and tries largely to make offbeat statements about correctness as well as incorrectness of the society.His story telling is also found to be quite different from his contemporaries.

Here's a few excerpts from the interview:

1.Rakesh Mehra: I've worked on a dozen of scripts. I had the feeling that I couldn't teel a story as I was a technician.

2. Ayesha Sharma: I am amazed at your will power, 3 years taken for Rang De Basanti.

3. Rakesh Mehra: I wanted to tell a story about youngsters. Amrish Pandey did a great job. We wrote the story for three days. "It is people's money, I have to give it back to them. I wanted to show that what they: the youth rebels of the armed resistance in the freedom struggle of the country believed in. At first, great depression had set in when I wnt to Delhi and approached people familiar with me in the Delhi University for assistance and support in the production and had been turned off.

4. Rakesh Mehra: As far as Delhi-6 goes, I wanted to direct it before. Answering to Ayesha on the Story telling of the production he informs: " It is not a plot - oriented movie, it instead is like a fabric various layers, you never know which layer turns up first."

He adds: " Why does India work inspite of its complexities and peculiarities in Social, Political, Economic, Cultural and Historical contexts ? "

He points to some basic facts: Few countries at present registering a constant growth economically. How are we competing at the first place with ourselves ?

5. Ayesha: Delhi-6 is a satire ? lines in the movie suggest so ?

Rakesh Mehra: Yes, you can say so from some levels.Points to another fact and says that National Geographic statistics suggests: Chandni-Chowk are in Old Delhi on which the movie is based is a densely inhabited area.

6. Ayesha: " Do you think movies are autobiographical" ?

Rakesh Mehra: "It is how do you define an autobiography" ?

7. Ayesha: Your " players " in the movie are the actors.

8. Ayesha: " You come from a sports background " ?

Rakesh Mehra: I like deep- Sea diving.

9. Rakesh Mehra: "A movie is like a novel, I've to tell you what I know."

10. Ayesha: " Is it daunting to make a romantic movie" ?

Rakesh Mehra: " I plan to make one." I am dying to do a romantic movie. I did some hunt for the shooting locales.

Interview ends.

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