Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Foods, Sweets and Beverages of Hyderabad !

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Today I would like to share with you all my experiences of the wholesome and tempting cuisines I had tasted in the famous city of Hyderabad.

If someone happens to visit the city one is confronted by the query followed by a suggestion:

Have you tasted " Hyderabadi-Biryani ? " and I would like to inform you all that it is not for nothing that you are faced with this query.

Biryani is supposed to have come to India along with the dynasties of Central Asia and Iran and got royal patronage under the reign of Emperor Akbar.

It is also known that the different states of the country: Northern and Southern and to some extent Western part (The Parsee Biryani) are cooked in different fashion with various ingredients and garnishings.

It is generally the view that Hyderabadi Biryani is one of the tastiest dishes of India ( with no offence meant to the Mughalai biryani available in old Delhi and other areas ).

The dish is available in the famous Paradise eatery located at Secunderabad. The place has its own parking space complete with security men in the basement. It is not that Biryani isn't available elsewhere but the fare available here is generally considered tasty. The rice of the biryani golden brown in colour with chicken or mutton choice with a tangy flavour in it along with the trademark and acclaimed spices of the South.

It is assorted with lip-smacking Mirchi ka Salan which is a chutney of sorts made of Tamarind, Almond, Walnut, White-til and red chillies. This has an appetising as well as nutritious value for the presence of the nuts in it. It is also served with the traditional Raita, the curd with zeera and green chilly and sometimes cucumber grounded.

The eatery Shadabs' serves delicious Mughalai fare. My menu there comprised of Seekh-Kebabs, i.e. barbeque mutton and Sheermal, square pieces of indian bread which has perforated lines in the centre so that foodies can tear along the dotted lines. I also had Mutton-salan i.e. a pungent curry with shredded mutton pieces. A green chutney of chillies and curd accompanies the fare.
These takes one to the Medieval era as well as the Mughal ages combining Oriental cuisines with India.

Back at my Uncle's place I had Khurbani ka Meetha, a dish of apricots in liquid jaggery and Kheer made out of Water-Gourd sprinkled with Almonds and Pistachios.

Also worth mentioning in the city is the good old Haleem, a dish of shredded mutton in wheat and lentil soup. It is a wholesome dish and an instant energiser.

Among Beverages, they have the lassi famous in Punjab but prepared in a different fashion here.There is also the mouth-watering Falooda brought along by the Mughals. I also sipped the Irani Chai ( Iranian-Tea), a pungent tea which prepared biling it constantly and is caramel in colour. It is a popular beverage in Mumbai's Nostalgic Parsee eateries.
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joseph said...

Your description of the food you had at Hyderabad was mouth watering.Can't wait to taste them.