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Pugmarks of a Tigress !

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Today I would like to share with all Bloggizens some notes i jotted down on Fox, History & Entertaintment's telecast of the life and death of Noor Inayat Khan, a female spy and radio message transmitter during the height of World War-2.

Noor Inayat Khan is probably among the 20th centuries iconic women. She is a subject on whose life research will continue.

It was the period of Second World War and the Austrian border of Germany was a strategic point for Hitler's Military tactics.

The resistance groups of the Allied Forces were stepping up their efforts in containing Hitler's moves.

Our Heroine's tale starts from when her nephew, Englishman david Harper arrives at the National archives, London. The female spy's archive was realeased after ahiatus of 60 years.

She was recruited in the Special Operations Executive (SOE).

Colonel Morris headed The "F" section or French Resistance Group against Germany. The officers taken in for French missions were the most dangerous of all task assigning. It comprised of 37 Agents approximately.

Noor came from an Indian Royalty (Her father was a Great-Grandson of Tipu Sultan, The 18th century ruler of Mysore, India.). She was born in Kremlin on January 1914 to Hazrat Inayat Khan, a Sufi- Mystic and American mother, Ora Ray Baker.

Her family lived in the Western suburbs of Paris, at "Faasil Manzil" meaning Blessed-House. Her Nephew, David Harper Narrates pointing at the rooms of the ancestral home "this is the Oriental room, this is where Noor's father recieved his disciples."

Noor's father died when she was 13. At that juncture, she became the second mother to her brother and sister.

Among hobbies she had interest in music particularly Harp-music. She used to perform for her Father's guests in the evening.

She was 20 to 25 years of age when she wrote a retold version of the "JatakaTales."

In 1940's Germany attacked France and it was in June 14th the German troops reached Paris. Noor's family was forced to leave for London and take refuge.

On June 22nd She and brother reached Falmouth, where her brother, Vilayat Khan joined the Royal navywhile sister Noor joined the Auxillary bureau wing.

It is worthwile to take notice of the fact that their philosophical background did not allow them to take lives.

On 29th of February she underwent rigorous training for 3 months. She kept sending messages to London with the codename Madeline. she was dropped behind enemy lines in full moon period. The BVSH house in Central London recieved her messages.

It was at this point that she was appointed the Sectional officer and used to recieve 350 Pounds annually. The criteria was something like this she had no uniform on her and it was under the standards of the Geneva convention which meant no protection for her and would face death if caught.

It was in the 16th of june, 1943 that Noor was flown with comrades. It is 63 years later that the Imperial War Museum, England has the Brief-Case containing Noor's Radio-Set.

The contents of the case were: a small Pistol and cyanide pill alomg with her Radio wireless kit. Interestingly, she left the pistol in London because of her Pacifist beliefs.

A double agent's treachery led to her Comrades' arrests, with her left alone.

Years later, Harper meets survivors of the F section of the secret war group of France against Germany.

Though arrest of her comrades left her alone she did not try to escape, aware of her importance.

100,000 Francs were paid to her comrade to betray her. It was in the building of 84th Avenue where she was arrested. She was kept on top floor of the Gestapo Head-quarters. Still at that condition, she was exaspirating and resisting.It was the end of Nov, 1943.

May 1945, nobody in London cared for her and comrades. later through correspondence and reports it was found out that 4 women were still under Nazi confinement and the 4th woman's description matched that of Noor's.

In 6th july, 1944 the women were given Lethal-injections. It was 6 months later that her brother, Vilayat recieved message from her. The Prison reports suggested she was still alive.

11th September 1944 , the four female agents were prepared for execution and the following day all four met with death.

David Harper visits the crematorium where they lie buried and points to the spot of the epitaph behind the cemetry, it was here that the four spies were shot dead.

David Harper says she died for something she believed in she had a cause to die for.

I being an Indian am impressed by her sheer courage and sacrificial trait and am inclined to point that she exerted the same courage and conviction that her great- great grandfather had it in him which led him to die manfully, sabre clenched in hand at the breach of his fort in Srirangapatanam , Mysore, India on May 4th 1799.

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