Friday, March 27, 2009

News Content and Formats.

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Today I would like to place in front of you the discourse of News show format and the content which i took note of in its telecast on 25/03/09.

Name of the news Programme: The Buck Stops Here.

A Show which brings interviews and debates to the drawing room.

Anchor: Barkha Dutt.

Telecast: 1:00 p.m.

Here are the notes.

The Segment: Varun , Hindutva's New Poster boy ?

Barkha Dutt questions Sudheendra Kulkarni on his perspective of " Hindutva."

Sudheendra Kulkarni in studio with Barkha, while at the bottom of the T.V. screen, footnotes pass as : " Hindutva back on BJP menu " ?

Sudheendra Kulkarni answering to Barkha's question answers: Governance, Development and Security are the real issues.

He adds that Media needs to know Hindutva in the right shade: he explains Bihar C.M. Nitish Kumar wants legal action.

Message passing at the bottom of the screen: Varun spoke the truth.

The need to clearly place things in the public spectrum is the real need. It is infact, a responsibility of all political parties. It is to maintain integrity.BJP is in ideological crisis.

Message reportedly stated by L.K. Advani flashed at the bottom of the screen which says:

" Hindutva issue based ."

Soundbyte of Veerappa Moiley, Media cell Congress seated in another studio : All these 50 years, BJP and Sangh Parivar spreading hate campaign against other faiths. That kind of a culture is not known to India, he adds.

Barkha puts a question from BJP's idelogical perspective, where does the party go from here?

Vir Sanghvi, Editorial Director, Hindustan Times: It depends partly on committed voters and explains people who cheer are reactors. Adds, floating voters will float.

Sudheendra Kulkarni: Hinduism is a secular religion of the country. Infact it is a display of double standards when Indian Muslims go all out to defeat BJP - puts counter question , it is labelled Secularism.

Message of Advani at the bottom of the screen: Governance main plank.

Bharat Kumar Raut, MP, Shiv Sena: It is double speak, Congress does not condemn Minority vote seeking trends or practices.

He quotes Mahatma Gandhi: The father of the nation told his countrymen: we are in search of a Democracy, We are in this search as " Indians " above all differences.

Vir Sanghvi: Secularism is mostly doublespeak.The Political Parties are playing with Islamic sentiments.Regarding the alleged hate speech of Varun Gandhi, Sudheendra Kulkarni states: I do not want to see such language being used in an election propaganda.

Kumar Raut: On a broader issue, we are with the BJP.

Moiley reacting to some statements adds: " India's Future is psuedo-secular if Congress is branded as one." We always fight against Fundamentalists, have sacrificed many men in this cause.

Vir Sangvi somewhat rubbishes Moliey's affirmation by pinpointing ally, Samajwadi Parti's alleged exploitation of Muslim Issues.

Moiley adds: We are here to be concerned wit the issue of communalism not to make some value based judgements.

Kulkarni: We should move on to the larger issues: Ramsena, Amarnath ( Government on wrong track ).

Adds, we are focussed on defending National ethos of the country.

This answer wraps up the show with the anchor thanking all guests.

A somewhat Sfx kind of background music is played throughout the programme.

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