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Ground Report

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Today i would like to place in front of you all my report on the 1984 Sikh killings.

Gautam Nagar, April 10: “A killer should be held responsible individually for his acts not his family or the community he belongs to”, thus lamented Kartar Singh, aged, 35 Head Granthi of the Gurudwara Singh Sabha in New Seemapuri area of North East Delhi. This was rhetoric of the massacre of Sikhs in Delhi by frenzied mobs in the city after learning that the Prime Minister was shot dead by two of her bodyguards who were Sikhs.

The Anti-Sikh riots , following former prime minister, Indira Gandhi’s assassination by two of her Sikh bodyguards on Oct 31, 1984 has left an indelible scar on the psyche of the Delhites who were witness to the alleged state sponsored genocide of the Sikh community in and around the capital city.

The triumvirate area of Seemapuri, Shahadhara and Seelampur provide a grim reminder not only of the violence against the Sikh community by angry mobs on the fateful day but of the candidature of Mr. Jagadish Tytler, one of the accused in the rioting.

The Central Bureau of Investigation had on Nov, 2007 closed all cases against the former union minister for his alleged criminal conspiracy to engineer riots against Sikhs in the aftermath of Mrs. Gandhi’s assassination, triggering off protests from the community. The CBI had earlier in its report to the Delhi court stated that no evidence or witness was found to corroborate the allegations against Tytler of leading murderous mobs during the riots.

The general opinion among the victimized community hasn’t been favorable to Mr. Tytler’s candidature which also sets the image of the Congress party in the public spectrum on somewhat infamous lines.

Kartar Singh alleged that there was a 48 hour deadline plan by key Congress MPs as well as sympathizers of that time to carry out this genocide.

Commenting on present politics at work in the 2009 General elections, he stated “opportunism is rampant” and was not in favour of Tytler getting a ticket from Seemapuri and added this was a grave injustice from Congress’ side to give him the opportunity to contest. He affirmed that they will go out of their way to lend support to any other political party excepting the Congress.

Gyaniji of Gurudwara Gobind Garh in Shahdhara, Ramnagar area had this to say regarding the infamous incidents of ’84, “Tees Hazari was the spot where the accused leaders had rendered inciteful speeches against the Sikh community so as to gather public support.”

While an elderly figure of the same Sikh temple who didn’t want to be named echoed opposition party, BJP’s allegations that the “CBI is being run by the Congress.” This he pointed was the reason that the investigation agency gave a clean chit to the accused MP. He went on to add that some sections of Hindus and Muslims also provided protection to Sikh members in the locality.

He added that as a citizen of this country he wanted the government to carry out justice and separate milk from water. Commenting on the present political scenario he said “the General elections will once again see a coalition government for, the aura of Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi is over.”

Commenting on similar lines Mr. Nirmal Singh, 48 a caterer in Kubulnagar area of Shahdhara said he simply cannot comprehend Congress’ idea of making Jagadish Tytler contest from Shahdhara. He said that CBI giving him a clean chit despite the heap of allegations on him is not on.

He and his friend, Mr. Inderpal Singh, 39, who owns an auto parts manufacturing factory in the area itself were witness to the mayhem. They added that rioters comprising of lower class people as well as individuals from outside the city burnt down paint, toys, and auto parts shops including dairy product outlets.

This they alleged was carried out in connivance with the Police. They added that mobs had marked the business establishments of Sikhs in the area 15 mins. before the attacks.

They went on to add that the silver lining that was the full support of the residents belonging to different faiths they received that day, which didn’t led to any casualities.

They complained that whichever government comes to power do not hold any sympathy for the Sikhs. They were of the opinion that the ‘84 incidents are reminded only at election times. On issues of Governmental relief, Nirmal Singh had this to say, “H.D. Deve Gowda’s term saw 3 lakhs of rupees being given to the victims families.” The amount of one lakh increased from Rs. 10,000 granted by earlier governments to death incurring families.
They had an earnest prayer for any government which came to power of not politicising issues or repeating incidents which disrupt public calm.

Rakesh, a resident of Seelampur pointing towards the neighbouring houses stated that violence against Sikhs took place in front of his eyes. He went on to add that his friend, Hargovind had taken many Sikhs and their families in his vehicle making them wear Burqas worn by Muslim women to escape the rioters.

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