Tuesday, April 7, 2009

For those who want to know...

Hello Folks,
How is everything?
Human life is amazing.It is a life in which he/she gets to meet so many different types of individuals and the lone actor playing throughout these encounters is communication. Yet as we view this life it seems somewhat insignificant when people try to think that this world is for luxury and wealth only.
"Death" which is unevitable and a subject dealt by many John Keats or William Shakespeares in their works reduces these to oblivion.
Elders have this to say: " one should live a complete life " which actually encompasses
responsibility, little moments of joy which cannot be brought by cash or kind, with positive vibes flowing throughout.
Speaking of the responsibility element, to be able to carry out responsibility is a uphill task. Easier said than done.
To be responsible one has to be aware and alert with the least blank or passive mindset to creep up one's psyche.
The spectrum of communication involving the triumvirate: Print, Electronics and Audio Visual and the contemporary addition world wide web or "New media" too comes along with a responsibility.
The responsibility to inform the masses, God's greatest creation- the thinking man: immortalised in sculptor Auguste Rodin's masterpiece, "The Thinker."
We use a minimal percentage of our " grey-cells" for which we do not realise its potential. The contemporary era has flooded the market with all sorts of information and data further hastened by the Information & Technology boom.
Among the many forms of print i.e. Newspapers, magazines, Journals etc. some literature which the masses lay their hands upon are genuine and carry substantial matter.
Yes, Variety is the spice of life, if there would have been no art and culture the educated man's life would have become monotonous and dry. So much for human psychology which is intricate and complex.
There are infact very few magzines in the case of India's Print Media scenario which really sets a man thinking. Issues can be resolved. Research can take place. Concepts can be disseminated. If and if only an individual has got the fact rights alongwith its context.
Knowledge they say is a weapon: against ignorance, compartmentalisation of issues, closed or xenophilic outlook.
Here comes Hard News magazine which on a first glance can be passed of as an intellectual magazine. But this is not so, for the maximum amount of news in this world is Politically oriented.
Sociology, History and Economics are the base or crust of any study which takes place globally.
Few magazines can claim of disseminating information regarding any concept or issue this minutely or from so many unseen angles beyond the peripherals.
That is where HardNews reaches.
Let me say something about the magazine:
Hardnews is fiercely independent and obsessive about getting to the bottom of the truth,
Hardnews raises questions about state policies and key government decisions.
It endeavours to peel layers of secrecy surrounding murders, assassinations, financial scams involving key political personalities. Hardnews helps in connecting the dots of why an incident took place and its motive. It will satisfy the desire of all those intelligent readers who want to know more.
It has Mr. Sanjay Kapoor at the helm of affairs. He also has a collumn in the magazine titled "Hothead."
Besides, The Editor-in-Charge is Mr. AmitSengupta, a veteran in the field of print media and a powerful public speaker.
The Features editor is Nishi Malhotra.
The Chief of Bureau is Mr. Pradeep Kapoor.
The Editorial Coordinator is Mr. Akash Bisht.
Its reporter is Samarth Pathak.The Special Correspondent is Miss. Rakhi Chakrabarthy.While its Web coordinator is Sandeep Kumar. The Design department is looked after by simrat Singh and Yatin Dua while the Assistant Designer is Deepali Mathur.
For The Pictures it Subscribes to one of the country's premier News Agencies, United News of India better known as UNI.
It cost is Rs. 20 only.
It was concieved 5 years ago as raection to the dumbing down that was taking place in the mainstream media. Newspapers, Magazines and Television were celebrating trivia and giving precedence to lifestyle and fluff. It was and continues to be a phase of terrible political and social decline with stunning mediocrity and celebrity success replacing aesthetic refinements, deeper intellectual pursuits and cultural highpoints.

The big picture had become shallow and metro centric. Hence, the urge and need for
HardNews !
HardNews had no pretensions to compete with what was called the " Jute Press" of the yore or the new money that is showing up in scores of TV channels or media outlets, since it does not have the funds to match their reach.Unmindful of its obvious limitations, has, however tried to give expression to old fashioned Public-spirited journalism, that is angry, adversarial and irreverent.
Search of truth is the lodestar is the lodestar for the publication.Even it at times it is seen as unpopular or controversial. that means journalists here, fearlessly examine powerful ploiticians, bureaucrats, corporate houses, miscellaneous power groups and their flunkeys including the various forms of repression, state repression etc.
The publication takes a hard look at government policies and their impact on the common man and the obligations the Indian state has towards its constitution.
Last but not the least, the publication is the South Asian partner of Le Monde diplomatique in Paris, France.
Journalism of courage that Indian Express had pioneered is carried forward by Hard News, way to go!
Keep reading, questioning and expressing.
Cheers to the rare intellect in Humans.

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