Friday, April 17, 2009

Capital Human Encounters !

Hello Bloggers,

This is the hottest part of the calendar with a strange heat permeating the city

But let us not get depressed because of that !

Let me relate to you all some tendencies of people i have encountered in the city.

I dedicate this post to my Assamese friend who literally can be described as footloose, instinctive and exuberant, Mridushmita Chaudhary , a graduate from Miaranda House.

Gautam Nagar, 17 April: Strange are the ways of humans the mammal, the vertebrae or one who is considered to be the “rationalizing individual.”

The almighty made Human beings it is said in World religions as Christianity, Judaism, Islam from the mud of this earth and he/she will be mixed in this “element” one day.

I am not preaching, even if I may sound so! These months in Delhi saw me encounter lots of people.

They strangely have different wavelengths. People have different perspectives, ideologies, mental wave lengths etc.

It is said in psychological studies, a person who might have destructive mentality hidden from the public eye or who in their comprehension want to build for themselves a self image that, he/she is a tragic hero or heroine shouldn’t wear dark coloured clothes.

Running on similar lines, it is also considered in this discipline that a person who wears jet black clothes to other shades has a criminal bent of mine for colours, it is perceived, have a radiating effect on the wearer.

My respected roommate, Abhishek Pandey has strange ego problems; I am no authority to dissect his psychology, though I would out of goodwill suggest a sitting with some good psychologist. For, contrary to popular belief, it is not crazy people who should consult one. Animalistic tendencies or uncommon trends that an individual displays in his/her’s lives are different forms of “madness” or out of the place psychologies.

I should seem to be giving too much importance to this fellow if I keep on bragging about him. His girlfriend calls at night and he talks with her late till night, say 2:30 am (though I don’t know the present timings) and any peace loving individual would be disturbed in such a state of affairs!

One night when I talked it over while the call from Kanpur was going on (that is where he and his girlfriend hails from!), he started to show tendencies which were not at all expected from him, He told everything which was out of place from the matter at hand, he told me that for so many days you are not disturbed how come today! It was followed by his opinion on my IQ, for he stated that by assuming oneself as “superior” doesn’t make that person superior, the brash lad was pinpointing me as the subject of superiority and I couldn’t comprehend when I showed signs of superiority!

With no offence meant to their Love connection over the phone, I didn’t understand why on earth he behaved in that manner.

I have no feelings of jealousy over others, we are human beings, we are born to err otherwise we would have been divine. But I try and curb unnatural tendencies as far as Possible. This world is too short for execution of these trivial tendencies. One should try and overcome these and I guess contrary to the twisted mindset of a cult of individuals from Islam, this is the real Jihad, the struggle of goodness over everything which is evil.

But at least this encounter of mine is smaller in proportions compared to what Dr. Mateen Syed of Hamdard University in the capital had to face.

Mr. Syed, a pious and God-fearing surgeon, colleague of my Father, Dental surgeon, Dr. S.M. Ali during his stint in this oriental institute for medical sciences had to bear with drunkard roommate.

Years later my father had related to me that in one corner he would be busy taking God’s name by shuffling the rosary, known as Tavees in Islamic Culture his roommate would be engage in guggling down alcohol .

Humans have this strange habit to think of this transitory world as permanent. They cover themselves up to the neck with different luxuries. A young man from a small town would see his ultimate goal as the accumulation of wealth, a plush house, luxurious car(s).

Is this the real ends to be realized, by the means at hand? Economist Adam Smith’s assumption comes into play here:

“Human wants are unlimited”!

The bus conductor here behaves in the most obnoxious fashion, he literally abuses the passenger, threatens their peace being not able to provide them with seats with the migrant population from neighboring Uttar Pradesh and Bihar flocking in numbers unimaginable in these very buses, while the original Delhites, not being externally aggressive in their behaviour submit to their outrageous antics inside these overloaded vehicles.

So what happens to their places of origin, it gets a bad name in a similar manner where a single potato or fruit which is rotten damages the rest which are not!

The Blame game between The South India and the North India continues, aggravated by these external tendencies.

Now for some encounters in the city, I am undergoing my internships from a monthly Magazine based in Gautam Nagar for which I have to change two vehicles, one which halts at INA market adjacent to the famed Dilli Haat and crossing the road and taking another one heading to Yusuf Sarai, the stoppage at the starting of the Gautam Nagar colony which is not accessible to a bus because of its constricted size. Gautam Nagar is also the residence address of one of the famous Dilliwalas, Shahrukh Khan.

Today that is on 17th of April I met two Iranian women unable to cross the road. They wanted to reach the INA market, were in a auto rickshaw , approached me for help I told them they could cross he street with me with a single cut existing in the whole divider of iron railings which people dangerously cross over to go to the other side given the number of vehicles plying coupled with their speed.

They refused. The Auto Walla wasn’t able to understand their dialect of Hindi either. Adding to their woes, he was complaining me that they understood him fully well and were not giving him his proper fare. I told the driver to take them to the subway connected to the market famous for groceries and daily wares.

Quickly introducing myself to the ladies complete with trademark head scarves I set off for my office.

So much for the capital’s cosmopolised nature!

Yeh Delhi hain mere Yaar !

Thank you all .


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