Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Where are we heading ?

Hello folks !

Rise and shine !

The discourse i would like to put forward to all you netizens is that are we being true to the legacy put forward by our elders in their own respective timelines.

The title of this piece may tend to remind readers of the enlightening pieces of some of the great authors, journalism practioners but here they can ask questions and even post their views and comments on the topic being handled.

We tend to view the glamour world from its apparent layer which is full of gloss, glitz and the stereotyped glitterati.

The hardwork that goes behind the making of a celebrity, a public figure etc is immense and nobody should tend to be complacent in this regard. The bottomline is success comes with a price. It can be any field Politics, Bussiness, Sports, Art and Culture, Entertaintment, Travel, Lifestyle etc.

With equal sense of importance to everybody it is seen in India's popular entertaintment industry, commonly known as Bollywood, there is seen the dominion of one of the brightest names : Shahrukh Khan earning sobriquets as King Khan, Badshah of Bollywood etc.

It is again not for nothing that the superstar has earned these credentials. He himself confesses in one to one interviews that he sleeps for only four hours at night. Documentary format made on his personal life revealed that he carries his laptop alongside on his shoots in whuich are stored sequences involving him of the movie he is handling which he checks and cross checks.

Aamir khan is arguably the best actor at the contemporary level with critics holding the view that he executes life like expressions.

Yet, the charm coupled with cinematic expressions tend to come out in SRK's performances, with critics commenting that he copies yesterdays stalwarts as Dilip Kumar ( with which again he has some sort of uncanny resemblance.) , Dev Anand, Amitabh Bachchan etc.

It might be true, but that again he portrays with an unassuming effort and the flamboyance which has carried him in good stead all these years.

India's strongest Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi was also reputed to be an early riser who slept less.

Nobody can risk being complacent. Everybody has a role to play in this globalised world. The sayings as: Time and tide waits for none shouldn't be in paper only but should be injected in each other's lives.

Useless talk and gossip are natural elements of human life. Ironically, no single individual can escape it, with it taking place in some juncture of their lives.

But unconciously such trends of bonhomie is killing our precious time. Yes, again the world comprises of varied people complementing the oft repeated claim: the fingers in the human hand are not similar.

Positivity, Balance in thoughts, Goodwill, Hardwork actually carries a person in good stead in life' s long journey.

Courage, an overblown trait is indeed seen in the events of warriors, statesmen, Kings, generals or a soldier but let us all look it in this way, helping a blind beggar cross the street can be considered courageous because the helping hand is taking responsibility of the differently abled person and standing out from the crowd.

Similarly, individuals in this globalised and liberal world have the right to choose any profession for his/ her livelihood.

A person is equally free to be a Doctor, Medical practioner, Legal practioner, Journalist, Entrepreneur, Moviestar, Fashion Model etc.

Hardwork and prequistes for succeeding in these fields cannot be taken for granted.

God Bless everyone aspiring to be excellent in his/her's field

So much for now,

Cheers to all.


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