Wednesday, July 8, 2009

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I attended the discourse programme on concepts of Secularism, cultural fusion of the Northeastern state of Assam.

It was organised by the non governmental organisation Al-Ameen. It gave imaportance to issues of secularism, national integrity, religious harmony that day.

The assistant Solicitor General of India presiding over the programme spoke at length on mindset of people comprising of lunatics, anti-social elements on the rise and adding the destructive mentality to the society.

Acoording to him an individual of any race, civilisation if doesn't know the heritage, culture, history of his/her respective background. If that is the case then that individual stands nowhere.

Education sector is also affected for instance by the leakage of question papers, misappropriation of funds for developmental purposes.

He spoke giving details that the bomb explosion incidents in the city which resulted in casualties were provided required aid. They came forward to help families of deceased, injured etc, they added.

The other speaker quoting from poet Thomas Gray of Billlie Jean fame had once remarked that there comprise many flowers of different fragrances but people fail to observe these or keep them in their memory.

With some long speeches from the appointed speakers the program concluded...

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