Friday, November 21, 2008

Fashion or something else?

Good morning , followers of this Blog, I am at your service again!

The Fashion industry is one  of the most lucrative markets in the world among many other markets.

The overseas brands are Roberto Cavalli, Versace, Gucci, Prada and so on.In India too it is not a miniscule affair.The circuit here has Ritu Kumar, Rohit Bal,  Ritu Beri, Sabhyasachi Mukherjee and so on. The common man's perspective on this industry is somewhat negative. They view it to be comprised of glossy models ,  gay designers, extravagant parties , opportunism and lifestyle which is high on packaging, but not content!

There should not be any generalisations but I fully symphatise with the common man.

I suggest my followers to watch Madhur Bhandarkar's ''Fashion" to gain an outline of"that world" which is unknown to us. India is not represented by  Glossy Corporate cabins,  Gossips  of lifestyles  of  the so called Rich and Famous, Parties thrown by the misnomer, "Socialite".

It is represented by the huge middle class,the working labour force toiling day and night and still surviving hand to mouth.This is why filmakers like Satyajit Ray, Bimal Roy communicated with the urban population with films either on rural themes or backdrop.

Leaving these propositions aside let us dwelve into some ground reality.

As i had said earlier on this blog that i reside in Vaishali, Ghaziabad.I along with some of my seniors had gone to a place called Kaushambhi.It has the mall  "Big Bazaar" located there. We were given a treat in the MacDonald's there by one among my seniors. Entering there I was literally taken aback when I saw there was an empty space inside the building where many women as well as men were seated on chairs and a makeshift stage was in front of them on which children, comprising boys and girls 5 to 6 years as well as girls 13 to 14 years of age shashaying to  item numbers of bollywood ( which again I can state in the affirmative,Do not represent the real cultural quotient of India.) 

There was a fashion show too with one of the young girls wearing a short skirt and another a vest like garment. How come 5-10 years back this was not the state of affairs. The word   "modernity"has been mocked at by these acts and over the top trends. It is obvious that in its place thinking should be modern, by being positive, kind, generous, humble, courageous.Boldness does not ooze out of the clothes one wears but by the courage to stick to one's convictions and rationality.

What was most appaling to see was the reaction of the parents with proud expressions on their faces, busy enquiring about their child's status in the so-called competition with its peculiar and glossy comperes, anchors etc.

Aren't we turning our innocent and fragile future generations grow too fast? What kind of rat race are we living in? With whom is our competition ? Can't we see beyond consumerism? Are ethics and issues to be 'politically correct' only to be kept in various forms of literature?

Is this Modernity, Multiculturalism, Fashion or something else?

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