Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Children's day?

Hello Brothers and sisters,

Salaam and Namaskar to all of you.

14th of Nov.2008 was Children's Day.It is the day which is singly dedicated to the future denizens of every nation . The icing on the cake is that it is also the Birthday of our statesman like Prime Minister,Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.I study in Niscort, a media training institute.I also felt elated on the ocassion because children are innocent in nature and they have their own peculiar role to play like the seasons of a year.It is our responsibility to give them their due in this world.  Letters to the Editor in dailies as the Asian Age and Hindustan Times had appeals to the present society and government to abolish Child-Labour.The media also has a potent role to play here. Take for instance Times of India's campaign, "Teach India".In the vicinity near our instiitute,we come across a higher secondary school which has a fete organised for the children studying there. There is nothing against issues of enjoyment, leisure, gregariousness of children.The one thing that I am not able to digest(Rather to put it bluntly!) is that they were allowing the students to dance around with raunchy Bollywood item numbers.These are what which are mocked at by contemporary media as "glossy cultural offerings".Let us not dwelve into other issues(there is enough time for them to be taken up specifically!) .What makes me surprised is that children have plastic-minds on which anything and everything can be impressed upon. As an counter to such trends, We can make them watch movies with Nationalistic themes. There are lot of children's movies being made by directors in India as well as abroad. We have evergreen classics like "Boot-Polish","Dosti" etc. I would like to suggest a personal favourite which is an Iranian production titled,"Children of Heaven".Worth mentioning is Satyajit Ray's "Goopi Gayen Baga Bayen" franchises. We the public of the world's greatest Democracy should do some soul searching and ask ourselves what legacy are we leaving for millions and millions of children to follow? 

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