Monday, May 17, 2010

Double Edged Sword?

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Technology has advanced many fold. Be it Telecommunications, satellite, internet - which is the new media. The aim of which is again considered to spread the message across.

Nowadays there is like population explosion an information explosion...they say in journalistic circles that a moment one thing is there flashed, focused, and the next moment the status-quo, importance goes for a paradigm shift to something else( a story, News Item, development etc).

In this era of grabbing the eyeballs cliched to be a part of the electronic media comprising of radio, television etc. Readers, viewers, listeners need inevitably to prioritise their interests. The greatest Information or knowledge ( whatever one might like to refer it)  outlet that one can easily lay his/ her hands upon is the new media or the internet.

Internet is the Multi media's intriguing avatar, if we need to use hyperbole to describe its essential character.

Nothing is hidden today with the enormous boom of Goliath-Like proportions in the Information technology sector, if we want to put it on a scale.

It was said or rather let us say a narrative went about doing the rounds that United States dumps their obsolete and outdated Information Technologies in 3rd world countries or developing nations.  

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