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Egos Galore...!

Pics: From Top Cartoon on the Human element of " Ego " from Cartoon stock Images, followed by a painting from surreal art and another sketch from the site Taskboy

Hello Folks..

How is life?

Ego, a small word is inevitable in a Human being's entity and psyche. It is said in theology ( Though i am no authority in religion or Spirituality) that Prophets of the Semitic religion didn't posses it for they had the Almighty God's Light which is reffered to as Noor in Muslim culture.

The Saints who in traditional renderations and narratives as it is told, gave symbolic expression for instance by way of dialogues.

Here we can take up the case of Delhi's Patron Sufi Saint Hazrath  Nizamuddin Aulyia( just for information sake, Auliya means plural for direct friend of the Almighty God) when he stated that "Dilli Hanoz Doorust" which means that Delhi is still faraway in reply to the invading party still on the way of the then Muslim ruler , miraculously the troops got killed on the way including the ruler.

Egos it seems apparently creates a stumbling block in an individual's life. he/she becomes limited  in the prowess one possesses.

The main objective in  life as it progresses is seeing beyond the obvious not again compartmentalise by labeling as he/she is philosophical in his/her mindset.

One should try to laugh upon oneself and also the silly, ironic events in one's life. Psychologists suggest many feel-good techniques in this era of Information Explosion and constant dream of a success being measured by the so-called hallmark of money, gold, diamonds and other precious/semi-precious metals or stones.

Everybody has some sort of pride instilled inside him/her. We can say that in the ideal sense, that is in Christianity, the seven dreaded sins are: Not to kill, Not to steal, Not to engage in Adultery, Not to be Proud, Jealousy, Dissatisfaction, Lust/gluttony ( Ten Commandments Source) Coming to the Bible, it is Strife, Envy, Jealousy, Lust, Pride, Gluttony, Adultery.

Speaking of Gluttony, I remember having read in  a moral science Textbook while in the 6th standard about a rich person owning a mansion who used to eat like a glutton but a beggar used to arrive at his gates very hungry, trying to eat the thrown and wasted food outside.

My grandfather( Maternal) is a role model for me . He was a constant driving force and vitality behind me and my younger brother's life. 

A little bit about his background...He was the second son of Ghulam Sarwar Khan( My Great Grandfather ) , Commander-in-chief of the Royal Afghan Army who had crossed over to India with 5 more Military families ( one of them i remember by what my mother told me, settled in Dehradun) after a military coup in Afghanistan) 

My Grandfather did his education in Dhubri district of Assam, studied his degree in Persian at Calcutta University acquiring the gold and silver medals for toppling the score of the Arabic student as the course programme guidelines had proposed.

The Medals were from the family of Tipu Sultan of Mysore ( 18th Century Ruler and staunch opponent of Colonialism) .

My grandfather was appointed the vice-principal of Cotton college Guwahati, Assam. Coupled with these, he was a follower of the Chistiya Tarikha( Chistiya Order or branch) of Sufism belonging to the order of Khwaja Garreeb Nawaaz Moinuddin Chisti of Ajmer, Rajasthan. His Spiritual teacher was from Jaipur who also had a dynastic business of precious Stones. 

I got some more inputs today to add to my note and show off myself as a wannabe intellectual.

Yesterday Evening at the Library of Our institute something which was very shameful, if told in the crudest sense...

Today i.e., 5/3/10 is the presentation programme on the theme of Naxalism at the basement for which many weeks of hard labour has been put into but most amusingly the day before an indifferent participant turns up and dictates points of alteration in the text format of the programme and also a change of the paper to be presented by specific students.

The student is Albert Abraham, a brother( a Christian post from the Seminary) before attaining Priesthood. he is a 2nd year student from Master of Arts in Audio Visual Communication( MA AVC). It seemed he was throwing  his attitude around and misbehaved with the teacher, Nidhi Anand who was the guide of this particlar group presenting Naxalism as their theme.

I would like to know from you all folks what he said that doesn't it tantamount to verbal abuse at a woman...

Pointing his finger towards her when she told you were not involved in the contributing process why are suddenly dictating terms... to which he replied i don't need to call you a teacher, you are not a Faculty Member...added to these was his uttering of the word, fool...he told her " You Fool!"

As far as i am correct he is a gold medalist from kerala in economics before he was sent to NISCORT.

I don't know why people have such an air about themselves, it's funny...maybe a buffoonish trait too...

Believe me folks swearing in the Almighty's name, i want to consciously crush my seems that its nothing but volunteered " self destruction..." it kills from within...limits an individual's thought process, his ability to learn while on the move, in every step of his life... 

A person's work speaks for itself...Sachin Tendulkar the highest run getter in One day internationals says that i let by bat do the talking...the rest is history

The recent ruckus of Shah Rukh Khan with the Shiv Sena over his alleged comment for Pakistani Cricketers included in the coming IPL tournament.

Maybe it can be a publicity exercise from the superstar but from one angle it can be interpreted this way that it is a moral victory of the Superstar over the Sena with his refusal to say sorry for his comment and he accidentally becomes a " National - Icon !"

One should try and laugh upon one self, how foolishly one tries to have a high regard for himself/herself.

Keep Loving, Living and enjoying the Life that comes only once and literally broom aside the negatives....

God bless all 

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