Thursday, February 18, 2010

Eurasian extravaganza...

Good Day to all of you folks!

How is life?

Well Culture and heritage have been quintessentially human world's prime elements in carving out a meaningful significance from his history on this earth so far.

In contemporary times, we have special "beats" in Media organisations dedicated to this niche in Human life.

February 10th to the 11th of the same month, the National Capital of Delhi saw the events of meaning and significance in this regard.

It was the 45th Anniversary of the Russian Science and Culture Center ( RCSC) .

Having been invited by the president of the Russian Cultural Association, Madam Yelena for the Essay competition event on the theme, " Russia in my life ." Having finished it, was left  to witness the motley of cultural offerings the center had in store for the invitees.

Officially Olympiads, seminars, Concerts, competition with participation of the language course of the center was what the brochure read.

One will be awed while being a part of the audience in the Concert Hall of the center which an hour ago was having the Russian Language history and nuances seminar for all the students of the language within no time had prepared itself to hold a culturally rich song from this Eurasian nation itself.

The songs were in a chorus like renderation with the Russian embassy participants pooling in to add authenticity to the lyrics coupled with the tantalising tune and rhythm with a veteran on the percussion.

This was followed by the Master Class practice. This is nothing but a public exercise of the language students at the center to refresh whatever they have all learnt. Essentially it was a Power Point Presentation with one of the exercises being the student to identify the territories of the nation with its National map projected atop the stage.

Interestingly the teacher for this programme was also giving the anglicized meaning of the terms and East in Russian means " Bocktok."

There also followed Russian Dance forms with three participants from the embassy. The performance was graced by folk music playing in the background. The Fourth and Fifth joins the performance at the middle with lyrics being added in the track at that juncture.

This was saved from being a simple performance when acrobatic moves by the performers were exhibited with one girl in the dance group displaying a move which was nothing short of exceptional.

What she displayed cannot be written even in graphic detatils; her whole upper body bending backwards and adding a sort of climax to the performance. 

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