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Communication and Humankind...

Pic: Mr. Shantiveer Kaul addressing students at Niscort media training center

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Communication and  Humankind


NISCORT : “ Communication is common to all forms of Human existence ” thus exclaimed Mr. Shantiveer Kaul, the guest speaker for the 103rd World Around  programme here at the National Institute of social Communications Research and Training.


The lecture on this somewhat abstract subject was not approached in a general problem solving style but encompassed with all the forms of Art, Literature, Cinema as well as Theatre and with a predetermined objective to find the meaning of Communication.


Speaking to students here at the media institute he stated that “Ideas, wisdom and knowledge are catalyst that helps us seek something or the other.” He disseminated the very idea of communication. Stressing further on the concept he stated that in his search for an answer he is intrigued by the question as how to speak, talk, with carrying across the right message coupled with various other forms to communicate.


“The mood determines it all; the transmission of the message is just the end product of a long process.” Thus exclaimed Mr. Kaul elaborating the subject.


He seemed to put forth a question by stressing that producing or writing something is meant for whom? In brief what he meant to say is that which target audience is a certain message directed towards?


Elaborating further, he stated that “Does it (the message) fulfill the need of the addressee or the addresser?” 


He seemed to liken the whole process of communication with a living entity when he proposed that there are side doors in the passageway and where there are entrants who try and make sense of what one said to someone or somebody?


He disseminated the whole framework of Communication when he arrived at the conclusion that there is the two-mode way of spreading the message across which tantamount to gestures and facial expressions. Adding further, he told that in regard to speech this will be done through a microphone or an amplifier.


Talking to students he elaborated that in the human world there is the conscious and unconscious participation of muscles and facial expressions. The variations of which may  range from anything to smile, love towards others, satisfaction and joy.


These seemed to give rise to inevitable questions in the students’ minds as how and what affect they have on humanity. These very questions seemed to again give rise to counter questions as is this the reality of mankind?


In this whole process of concept dissection Mr. Kaul quoted Guitarist, Steve Wallace’s  song titled “  Things remain as they are..”


The thrust of the song was Intrapersonal Communication and its many facets. He brilliantly drove home this point by showing the use of the technique of soliloquy and monologue in Drama and theater.


“Theory wise there is a pyramid model of communication which is facilitated by certain social causes, needs for the environment to get higher and nobler in its lifespan” he explained.


Communication arrived at in the broadest sense will go on to justify the psychology of invention in the Mathematical world. He equated the problem of communication with Indian terms as “vinambara.” Which connotes positive aspect of language with the medium a creative part or the going away of the objective of Communication.


Mr. Kaul belongs to the minority community of Kashmiri Pandits of the valley of Jammu and Kashmir. This made a junior student at the institute query,” What is your identity as a Kashmiri? ”


This query was handled by the guest speaker in the most dispassionate manner when he said that “ when he was young there would be random thoughts in his mind regarding the turmoil the trampled condition of people in the valley but now due to the dawning of chronological years on him, it doesn’t disturb him that much.”




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