Monday, August 10, 2009

Rocking all the way...

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Music Heals as the saying goes, even going by the literal meaning of it the Rock concert in aid of Cancer patients with the guardianship of Deepshika, a leading city based NGO which was registered on 21st June, 2008.

Here's the report

Saturday,8 August, Machkhowa: The programme started with a brief speech from the emcee appointed which had philosophic content if it was meant to be specific speculating on the deeper significance of life with poetic strain on the words to be stressed in the briefing.

Thereafter, a slideshow started which dealt on the NGO Deepshika's background and its subsequent rise.

The Guests for the evening comprised the members of the charitable organisation as well as the top notch VIP's from administrative setup. The guests included the honourable governor of Meghalaya, his excellency, Ranjit Singh Moshary, Mrinmoy Kakati, jayanta Goswami who is a member of the organisation.

The formalities were wrapped up with the felicitation of the guests by Cancer affected patients.
Thereafter, Mr. Debashish Sharmah party president briefed the audience a little bit on Deepshika's background and interestingly stressed on the use of the word " sharing" instead of "help" as the organisation's niche.

The traditional lighting of the lamp by the governor and other guests followed amidst constant shouts for the concert to begin from the rock loving crowds at the end of the auditorium's array of seats.

Thereafter, the melodious song of Deepshika which is its theme track played in the background while sovenieur journals were released by the governor.

Sudipta Chowdhury, Chief Operations Officer (COO) of Bharti Airtel, one among the sponsors of the event spoke on the disease and said that he lost his father to it and had nearly lost his father in law who had luckily been cured.

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