Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Contradictory Personalities!

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Human Psychology is a vast subject and i think it takes a lot of detailed and background study to be a psychologist.

Anyway, hats off to the propagators of this Discipline and the psychologists worldover who take the pains to better human lives by their researches, counselling sessions etc.

There exists some individuals who remain happy when their peers treat them with food and other delicacy or fare of their liking !

Otherwise it is seen that they somehow find ways to complain about him/ her in his/ her presence or absence!

Again that is human nature!

If we go by the traditions or the chronicled accounts of the different religious histories, especially that of the triumvirate of Judaism, Christianity and Islam whose followers combinedly are known as "Children of the book" ( for the divine books like the Bible, Ten Commandments as well as the Quran bestowed upon them.) have the legacy of the Prophets and the Saints acting mainly as the carrier of the word of God.

Their life accounts tend to suggest the "uniqueness" among their contemporaries, peers which makes us wonder of our purpose on this earth when they at their limited span of lives been so near to the creator, almighty God.

Besides Hypocrites, Individuals who cannot keep their words, xenophiles, prejudiced, jealous as well as double standard characters one has to deal with so much more in their lives.

Again shunning them would be an escapist tendency.

We should certainly try and face them with courage and conviction in our hearts. That will for certain make these negative tendencies powerless with their shallow base being weakened by the assertion he/she exudes but not agression!

We all have our purpose on this earth and designed roles to play but at the same time should not try and be fatalistic and leave everything to destiny.

God surely loves hardwork, which is why throughout history he has helped Statesmen, Kings, Saints as well as the greatest of them all, messengers of the Almighty, The Prophets.

The world is made up of heroes in different stages of history, legend, folklore, religious traditions and even in the modern era trying to live their lives differently without falling into sympathy, instead rising above them.

My roomate in the institute used to talk about one of my female classmates wearing shorts at the same time projecting outwardly tendecies which could be termed as pseudo-liberal!

Capacities or characteristics which any human being earns at some point of his / her lives are heavy concepts, it cannot be understood by our limited comprehension of concepts.

He surprisingly nowadays does the opposite of whatever he used to preach with such conviction!

He wears shorts and tries to project himself very young!

Good for him atleast, he has adopted a certain kind of positivity in his life.

This i pinpointed for, just months earlier he used to discuss with his friends to whose house he took me and started a discussion of sorts on my classmate wearing shorts and how he never wears shorts even while ging to fill water from the dispenser located downstairs at the parlour of our hostel block at any point of time!

Strange are the ways of Humans, which encompasses you, me and everyone.

Father Melroy Fernandes from Maharashtra, my companion and friend here in the institute advises me that one should at the end of the day ponder upon the day's actions and experiences and also think twice as to how one should have approached a person whom he/she encountered during the day. This surely helps one to judge one's action.

In Classic novels, Robert Louis Stevenson's " the Strange case of Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde " categorised under SCi-fi tales drives home the point of alter-ego, Multiple- personality and so on.

Thanks to thinkers like them, sanity is still prevalent!

Hope will always be at loggerheads with despair!

Positivity with Negativity!

Sulking, Stressed and uncouth behaviour with Happy, Radiant and Optimistic psychologies and tendencies !

After all, Variety is the spice of life.

The much talked about point comes into play here when they say that no two fingers in the human hand are alike and also the fingerprints and impressions of the fingers are found to be different in different individuals the worldover.

If debated about that, sayings like: "God is a unique architect of everything" comes into play here and next time maybe my essay would be on that theme.

Cheers friends,

the world is advancing; advance with it...

Live life to the fullest enjoying every nuance just as Romantic poets like William Wordsworth did..

Peace to all.

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